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Really feel that things happen for me, and not to me and I might not have been proud of all of this mate I mean I'm still not, but God was because he used them for a greater intention for greater. To become. A Better version of myself so I could be a servants other people, and then that also led me into digging deeper in. To what Mike My true calling! What's I felt like all right now? Help people finished now like all right. What's my lessons? I've learned art. Will God used me are used Eric my cellmate to help me use fitness change my life as I was struggling with addiction. I'm to help other people that became my next mission was like all right a metalitz next nominee help other people with addiction. Use Fitness, the beat it, and that to me is. I swear to you if anybody ever asks me what's missing in the addiction treatment recovery community other than like. Scientific evidence on where people were at the addiction spectrum. It's fitness. It's nutrition mindset because you take away all the drugs and the alcohol all you want, but until you rebuild the foundation with healthier coping mechanisms. Everything's GonNa. Keep coming back. Right because stretch they'll comes my way like I said I'm going to a break up right now. You know in covert and everything else, but because I have healthy coping mechanisms in my life. Is because. I'm not doing anything stupid. Right, just I just showed a video literally like an hour before we jumped on here, talking about. Controlling. Temptations Odyssey, you know the majority of content that I share his related to porn addiction, but I think it's ultimately any any addiction you know throughout there in your triggered. Know something. Understand that internally from biology standpoint, what is happening is our body is shifting into a sympathetic state, literally fight or flight response this fear based in the coping mechanisms that you're talking about would be to shift you from fight or flight or sympathetic tone into a pair, sympathetic or arrested digest a place of being present in it's in the place of presence where you can make intelligent decisions. You'RE NOT GONNA. You're not GonNa Fall to your defaulted habits which are going to what you're going. Going to recur through that fight or flight response so in dealing with addiction. You get you get that polar that trigger. You know to take a hit SORTA line watching porn, whatever it is, you get that trigger understanding that this is simply just a biology response. That's driving you too anxious state and you can control that There's a multitude of ways we're not gonNA..

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