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On with Mario Lopez. You're on Mario Lopez joining me now on zoom the lead singer of Third I. Blind Stephen. Jenkins. Welcome to the show man how you doing. On brother I'm doing. Well, thank you. That's a cool spot. Word you're hanging out or at least it's a cool room where yet. To my dining room concerned. All Nice. That's very it's got a very hip bar vibe to it. Yes like. Gold eighteen seventy three. Victorian. Easily original like laugh plaster walls yeah. I like octopus. You should never eat octopus. Let's just start right there why I happen to like octopus why not a each quits greater assholes and Really. Hungry They turn color can solve problems they can use tools. Yeah. Look at that. I'm learning so much today I enjoy doing these zoom things because you get to know people on a more personal level as far as you've got this cool dining room, you have a love for OCTA pusses. I would've never known you know well, it's an incredibly frustrating time for for everyone. And especially for musicians who make their? Living on the road and stand up comics and people who have to travel for for their a way of life. people are starting to get creative and innovative. With the drive in concerts have you done a show a in concert yet or this beer i. now the first one I've done a bunch of concerts for A. Just kind of in my kitchen. Yeah. Right. Like the zoom once you know I love. Listening to live music and I'm actually I think my wife was trying to find a we were trying to find wasn't he's driving concerts to go to and I know you're in the Vittore fairgrounds that's that's a cool area. It should be fun magic here a lot of honking. Considering the circumstances. Going do. I don't know if it's GONNA be weird or they're just GONNA buy. You know they're just going to. Be Like right. But it's not the same. The thing is like I. Look. That it sold out. I've flatter in a in. I am So down to have to go like a community of people in in as much as we can. But you know it's not the same thing as like as being. Like Mara like the the thing about live music is The reason why it's something that human beings need to do in every culture for all of history I mean you go that you go back five thousand years ago in what you have amphitheatres..

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