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Serious dan espy edited lost one hundred eleven games in two thousand thirteen wins one hundred one this year during the regular season at last i could pleaded magical world series win over the los angeles dodgers how did the astros engineer such a turnaround around and watch promoting the barriers are doing something similar with me on a couple of these line greg job to covers heritage for mlb kagame on a greg how are you doing pretty well so yeah y can't the mirrors do something similar are they in and the same kind of a situation houston is having you look at that astra's roster their full of young talented players who are locked up for a while i don't know if anybody little third glutamate bitterness interesting thing and and you mentioned lose nine hundred eleven games liquor a couple of years ago they la la 100 fix or more games three years in a row an interesting plan in their religious when when tank for her a couple of years really hydroelectric tough to do a minute lead their families lived through some pretty good times taken the mullahs even this year you know we go down there to do so that the crowds for team though that big we're we're we're still cariplo to come back in a while of course another on top of that we buddy so a good but that's a tough pill to swallow programs go that bad for peru for that stretch of taunton in but it paid up you know they had a coil and beyond that among other things would would analytics inland smart me really smart choices and when you make an player acquisitions whether the draft will create and that was the key so they they've done a nice job it through akin to get it on this year you talk about those us smart choices some teams are better at it than others appar thirdly in some have what seemed to be smart choices when it comes to draft picture trades or drafting a developing players but when you talk about guys like carlos correa jose all to evade george spranger even the guys like alex bragman this is a remarkable string of success that they have had with these young players and any ah toss in a guy put it heap of justice lander and it comes together you and more nicely but about.

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