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The upper nineties. To near one hundred overnight tonight mostly clear lows in the low to mid seventies and then for. Your Monday mostly sunny and high temperatures in the mid nineties remember you can always, get your complete forecast over at CBS four local dot com more and more. People are. Turning to crowdfunding as a way to pay medical bills go fund me CEO, rob Solomon says one, in three go fund me campaigns, is to help cover the cost of treatments the United States. Is the only western nation without some form of. Universal healthcare and spends. More than any other nation on. Healthcare costs even after the passage of the Affordable Care Act there are still an estimated twenty eight million Americans who do not have, health care insurance Details in the, funeral service for Retha Franklin around the Queen of souls. Private funeral will be held on August thirty first, at, greater, grace temple, in, Detroit she. Will then be entombed of woodland cemetery in the same city. With their other family members a publicist says there will be a viewing on August, twenty eighth and twenty ninth at the Charles h. right museum African American history, Franklin passed away last week at age seventy six. Police, in Connecticut say they have arrested a suspected drug dealer in connection with a. Bad batch of k to Terry McCreary reports on the third arrest in the case. It led to more than. Ninety overdoses, at a city park in New Haven on Tuesday night the unidentified suspect is being. Held on federal drug charges on Wednesday police arrested city residents Felix Melendez and John Parker who are linked to the mass overdoses the. Greenwich time reports both have prior drug arrests Terry, McCreevy NBC News Radio New York Katie Stubblefield is sharing her story of trying to kill Herself at eighteen and becoming the youngest person. In the us to get a face transplant National Geographic magazine is featuring her life. And it's September issue Stubblefield put a hunting rifle under her chin and tried to kill herself. Because of health, problems or family moving often and the end of a relationship she survived her face had major trauma she became only the fortieth known person in the world, to get a face transplant, in two thousand seventeen the longest active high school football winning streak is at an end Kimberly high..

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