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And we are back pat play round of golf on greenfield avenue in ardmore the newer the to play around golf facilities hey if you're thinking about what to do for the eagles game think about this they got great high death televisions right in here and he's still got a couple of times available later on today so you can play golf y watching needles gives you something to do during the commercials we've got plenty to do a gulf talk live though because were getting ready to head out on a nothern long trips i've got our producer eddie kaya zohair willis uh i think we're going to be busy arrest as can packing yeah definitely a pga show well we've had we've got who were going down we're gonna be shooting a television show with our good friend jeff stevenson and her partner mike van diver who bought the old poux tarpon woods golf course just north of clearwater where the phillies place spring training they put a ton of money into it we're and shoot a very interesting show there that will air i guess beginning march 1st and uh then after that it's over to orlando for a week of the pga show so i'm busy packing everything i need for the week all the different gulf clothing for the shoot of travelling golfer and then by jackets and ties and dress pants and uh all the things that i'm going to need for a very engaging week of business cut the pga show where it is the super bowl of the business and the gulf eddie pass those also packing is packed packed is uh for an eightday trip practice toothbrush for pair.

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