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During paramount. Apaz and women have problems with Herr loss hair thinning and things like that. And plus I'm playing to one hundred eighty and I'd like to not be balled during that time. So I'm hoping I pick up a few tips myself and Dr Cogan or Sophie also has a personal story here because she had hair loss student eating disorder and just the stress of medical training. And it turns out stress in hair loss integral, they linked. She's the chief medical officer of neutral company that focuses on science van hair loss in what you can do with plant compounds. Naturally occurring things to take control of that. So few welcome to the show. Thank you day. I'm super excited to be here to talk about a topic that I, you know that it's very dear near and dear to my heart and to share a lot of the signs that we've been a lot of the news in the science. We've been running here Interphone. Boil it down to a single question. Why do people lose hair. One answer was seven thousand hours. We'll give you the top level. What's going on with with people is here for multitude of reasons. The thing is that there's no one cause and not one of the things that's different about how of an integrative perspective versus at a western medical perspective. We're always looking for this one cause of something and that they'd Stu targeted drugs at target only single pathways. So for instance, for hair loss today, the only have two of the approved medications, and that's finesse dried. Used for men minoxidil commonly known as Rogaine use topically for both men and women, but finesse riding targets androgen synthesis. So for those set with no it energy male hormones, and the one it's implicated in hair loss. Most is the dihydrotestosterone which similar potent form of disaster on. So over the course of the last. You know, forty fifty years. We thought that each to use only implicated pathway in hair loss. But now we should show that that's not the case that basically there is inflammation there, stressors environmental assaults end more and more as we as research evolves, and there's a huge surgeon research today because it's such a such. A great area of interest is that they're innumerable amounts of pathway. So the number of signaling molecules are pathways that are responsible for both hair grows. Inhere laws are so many that it would be impossible to think that there's one targeted intervention one 'cause in itself. So any dysregulation to those fast ways will cause hair loss. And I'm from multiple factors. Finasa ride is something that is a very potent thing that can mess with men's hormones, not just around hair loss. There's actually support groups online for a smaller group of men who take it and just permanently have almost neutering of their sex hormones with some big problems from that. And that's something that I'm not planning to add to my regiment. Even if I decide to go down pharmaceutical route, I'd take my hair stay in as I age beyond what you're supposed to age. Because of that risk does minoxidil for men or women represent the same kind of risk. So no, if it represents other types of risks. So for instance, minoxidil is was initially discovered to grow hair just like anything else. It was an accident and it's used as a anti hypertensive medication. And so it can actually embar jer percentages logic dosages can even cause heart petitions, hypertension, depending. But mostly a lot of people experience retations and scalp inflammation as result of it also because it is the only while not the only to quote unquote only western medical drug that is allowed for women. Women don't like putting things into their hair. It is very challenging, actually. So for those who use minoxidil do know that there is some residue that the left and also they'd kinda messes with your hairstyle. So is different types of implications inside effects from enough. Oxidant than finesse stride will you could keep your hair, but it'll be greasy and limp. Exactly. Yeah, that's not something that I think any of us want, or I think 'cause retations and that's something that actually makes a lot of people stops compliances, a huge issue with Monaco. So those solutions are also targeting pathways and it from my understanding of follicles, which is probably not at your level. There's definitely might Okon drill component. There's a hormonal component which is a big part of it. There's progesterone, there's cortisol, there's all these different things, and I listened this angle..

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