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To hit live moving targets. Now, stick all this together. And what do you have it? Sure looks like you have all the ingredients you'd need if you wanted to cook up one ask kicker of an insurgency in if the second American civil war kicks off in rural areas, I can almost guarantee you it will start with a massive new push for national gun control. Kamala Harris, easily one of the primary front running democratic candidates in the current bevy of candidates in twenty twenty is outspoken about her desire to ban all semiautomatic firearms. This would ban the vast majority of America's civilian owned guns literally making tens of millions of people into criminals overnight. The only weapons left legal would be revolvers, shotguns, and bolt action hunting rifles, which are ironically, the very weapons outside of bolt action weapons most likely to be used in violent crime in the immediate wake of President Trump's decision to Claire a state of emergency over the border conservative. Trumpers like Rick Wilson took to Twitter to warn not that Trump might seize power that setting this precedent would inevitably lead to Democrats declaring a state of emergency of their own over gun violence. Once they were back in the Oval Office on January eighth during the CNN appearance. Parkland shooting survivor, David Hogg said this quote, if we really want to start talking about the national emergency like the president likes to talk about forty thousand Americans dying annually from gun violence is a pretty damn good one to start with. Last year. The Atlantic published an article by Elizabeth quitting evaluating the extent of the president's emergency powers in February two thousand nineteen Pacific. Standard magazine applied that to the possibility of national emergency over guns, quote, the legal infrastructure to Levy an emergency declaration, Gordon writes exists, thanks to the presidential emergency action. Documents developed by the Eisenhower administration designed to address such extralegal actions as declarations of martial law and the suppression of habeas corpus these documents could potentially extend to encompass outright firearms confiscations, given the scope of a national crisis now back during Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans police department ordered evacuating citizens to hand over their firearms to the police superintendent Edwin p compass the third later declared a blanket confiscation of all firearms in the city, saying only law enforcement are allowed to have weapons at the time. A federal court issued a restraining order to stop the weapons confiscation. So they did not go through all the way but weapons were confiscated. And of course, that was a very different time with a Republican president and a few hundred fewer mass shootings in recent memory. President Harris's semiautomatic weapons ban would have to be followed by mass confiscation. Tens of millions of gun owners will not hand over their weapons willingly. There are literally more privately owned firearms than people in the United States and half of those guns are owned by just three percent of gun owners. I'm going to give you one guess as to which part of the country. Most of those gun owners live earlier this year, Washington state passed a new set of gun control regulations. The restrictions are fairly mild compared to Kamala Harris is proposition in the new law is popular with the states liberal majority. Fifty nine percent of Washingtonian supported it. But most of those people most of those supporters live in urban areas like Seattle in conservative rural and suburban Washington people are pissed sixteen sheriffs have so far declared that they will not enforce the new law. Here's the Wall Street Journal quote. Sheriff Tom Jones of grant county. Also in eastern Washington is one of a number of sheriffs who have said that they would wait for the courts to rule before telling the deputies to enforce the new law. I swore an oath to defend our citizens and their constitutionally protected rights said Mr. Jones whose county voted against the gun control measure by more than two to one. I do not believe the popular vote over rules that. Now, there are hundreds of thousands of heavily armed Americans right now who see armed resistance to the state is something aspirational as a dream most of these guys, and they are mostly guys don't have any real combat training. A lot of them are probably just lar- ping playacting. But the Bundy standoff was proof that even Laras with a shitload of AR fifteen can scare the federal government in the face of a major gun ban. How many rural communities, and how many states would say fuck you to a democratic president the yellow vest movement kicked off as a suburban and rural movement in France a revolt from the more conservative sections of that country society against a liberal president and his policies. I'm going to quote from the New York Times here, the movement originated in may when a woman in Priscilla lit up scape, who has an internet cosmetics, business and lives in the suburbs. Southeast of Paris launched an internet petition calling for a drop in gas prices. She broke down the price into its components, noting the taxes made up more than half the cost in France per liter lead-free gas was one point four one euros on Sunday or about six. Per gallon. The petition went mostly unnoticed until October. When Eric druid a truck driver from the same area as mislead OSI ran across it and circulated it. Among his Facebook friends. Newspapers began writing out the petition in the number of signatures skyrocketed from an initial seven hundred to two hundred thousand now the yellow vest movement in France is not a purely conservative thing within France itself. It's actually much more divided than that. But I think it provides a good look at how inactive is movement can launch amongst older and more conservative segments of a modern society. I also think rising gas prices could very well be another generator of rural rage here in America people who live in the country spend more on gas because they have to drive further distances. There is a good chance that any green new deal style plan to slow global warming introduced by a democratic administration would include a gas tax rural areas, grow our food in a very real way that keep the city's alive and the people who live in those places. No, it just to say air traffic controllers in stewardesses had the power to. The government shutdown by threatening air travel. Rural Americans have something they too can hold captive in their case. It's the food supply. This would of course require a great deal of organization list of demands and political figureheads to speak for the movement to lend it a shape and a sense of purpose. And I can guarantee you that Joey Gibson the founder of patriot prayer would at least try to be one of them. Joey is one of the leading figures in the right wing activist movement that's arisen since the two thousand sixteen election along with the proud, boys. Joey and patriot prayer have spent the last two years brawling against antifa with fists and flagpoles, but they have also held numerous armed marches and full body armor carrying rifles Gibson lives in Vancouver, Washington. Most members of his gang come from either suburban or rural areas around Portland, Oregon, if you watch hours and hours of their footage marches and video rants like I have you'll regularly. Hear these people describe their constant bloody rallies in Portland as something of a crusade Christian. Holy warriors. Descending into a decadent left-wing city to purge of sin in the last episode. I played several clips of Alex Jones calling for a new civil war against the left. Joey Gibson just happens to be a regular guest on Infowars last. Member he joined the show to talk about Washington's new gun control laws. It's out of control. And I've seen the videos on your site. You should plugs. No place. People can find these. We're gonna put some of these ten full wars dot com. You're getting crowds of hundreds and hundreds of people in small towns counties coming out, and they are really pissed about this. They're really upset. We had almost three hundred people and county with ten thousand people in it. And they're extremely concerned a really upset. They're sick and tired of Seattle telling them what they can or cannot do the people just they just want to be free. They want to be left alone. And so I think this is the key in states like Washington and Oregon the keys to go around to all the counties that believe in the constitution, which is about ninety percent of the counties in Washington state, our conservative now, I've met Joey he's not a brilliant man or a likely pick for a right wing revolutionary warlord. He would try, but for my money, a likelier pick for rural insurrectionist warlord would be someone like Ryan Bundy you've seen Ryan on the news a few times, especially if you kept up with the Bundy standoff back in two thousand fourteen he's one of the sons of cliven Bundy the old racist rancher who masterminded that standoff with the bureau of land management in bunkerville, Nevada. Ryan is the one with the facial deformity? This has led a lot of people online to treat him as if he is a big dummy dummy because big. Guitry knows no political bounds. But Ryan Bundy is not dumb. He was probably the driving force behind the two thousand sixteen occupation of the malheur wildlife refuge, Ryan spent months jail over that. But he defended himself against the court and won some of this was due to the serious mistakes made by the prosecution, but a lot of it came down to Ryan's, personal charisma. His ability to sway a jury of his peers to believe in the righteousness of his 'cause right now Ryan is running for governor of Nevada. He's probably a long shot candidate. But it doesn't really matter. Dozens upon dozens of heavily armed men and women were willing to gather and put their lives on the line for his family twice. There is a weird religious crusade angle to what the bundy's have been doing based on a fringe Mormon prophesy, the fantastic podcast Bundy Ville, which I heartily recommend goes into more detail on this. But the short of it is they believed that they've been chosen by God to defend the constitution, or at least, they're interpret. Station of the constitution. This is the kind of nut bar stuff that I think a lot of liberals are prone to laugh about I don't find anything funny about the bundy's to people have already been radicalized into killing by their rhetoric in June of two thousand fourteen Jared and Amanda Miller fresh from taking part in the standoff at Bundy ranch drove into Las Vegas and walked into a cici's pizza with a small arsenal. They opened fire on two officers sitting in eating lunch killing both as they started shooting the couple allegedly yelled. This is the start of a revolution. One dead. Officer was covered in Gadsden flag. Another was covered in the Nazi flag. Jared and Amanda killed one more person a random bystander before dying in a gunfight with police now, the millers had a lot of other radicalizing factors behind the rampage than just the Bundy standoff, but it wasn't important step in their journey. The voice finicky is probably a better example of a man who died explicitly for the bundy's. He was shot. Reaching for a gun after being stopped with Ryan and his brother Aiman during the her occupation in June of two thousand sixteen William Keebler, a Utah militia leader in close adherent of the bundy's was arrested and charged for trying to detonate homemade bombs at a Beal am building in Arizona. So that's three distinct cases and four individual people who have been radicalized into violent deadly action by the rhetoric and beliefs of the Bundy clan in a situation where order starts to break down even more in rural America and extremist groups begin to tear at the fabric of our society. You can bet the bundy's will not just sit back and watch. So far, the Bundy family have mostly agitated around land rights, and what they depict as the struggle of American ranchers against a tarantula government. But they and their supporters are also huge backers of the second amendment if they were to organize even violently in defense of the right to bear arms. I think you would see them receive a lot of support from even mainstream console. -servative? Tucker Carlson is one of the most popular conservatives in modern America. Here's a clip from a December fourth two thousand seventeen episode of his show during an interview with a gun control advocate. The fact is we need to have guns, and we need to talk about banning entire classes of especially dangerous firearms like assault weapons. And I think we have to talk about not just banning them. But requiring the people allow the government to buy them back. Universal gun confiscations which are talking about universal confiscation. You're sitting a class of firearms would be any rifle with a capacity of more than one above a certain caliber. I mean, I don't know what the criteria are that you're suggesting, but basically any gun they would use for deer hunting would be banned. I would make a distinction between long guns. That are technically say my automatic the kind like my dad uses hunt and semiautomatic assault weapons that you have to go donors one hundred major meaningless distinctions, but let's get to the meat of it. What do you do to people who own sell them back? I think you think you at a bare minimum sort of find them severely for it and build an incentive for them to any for the civil war that would and take people's guns. I'm serious now. I can't think of any Americans I personally despise more than Tucker Carlson. But I don't think he's wrong about that. And if large chunks of rule America declared their resistance to the federal government, the state would not have a lot of options for stopping them both rural and urban America have seen declines. And the number of police officers in recent years, but the rural parts of this country are the only place where that drop in cops has led to a surge in crime, so rural Americans who grow most of our food feel increasingly isolated from the majority of the United States. They are already dealing with a significant breakdown of civil order, and oh, yeah. They just happen to have most of America's three hundred something million privately owned firearms. Will either?

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