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Was that four drafted in that league. Maybe fifteen or not. That'd be fifteen. Second year battle yet at bush out of the room today by he went onto also play eighteen for canada and he's played in. He was one of your top three players at one of the world junior team you. I've seen one year and then he became the best freestyle dancer. Nhl locker room. Is you see this guy play the guitar you youtube ryan hallway playing the guitar. He was sheriff of pills in check. Lately martin strack a them martin. Straka hawley were buddies. At new york's strack of bought the team in pills in hollywood there. He was the sheriff there. Fuck into fighting coachee other some tough guys originally. He's playing in the guitar after in front of a crowd did like a math. That is unbelievable. Eight so going back to your career i saw. I don't know if it was before or after one year last year's in corpus christi you end up going to the british ice hockey superleague for eleven games. Which has turned into the h. l. Where i play with carter was with cardiff around then. And how was your overall experience. There it was the bracknell bees. You play for yeah. That's right. So i i carry a british work visa so i was not import there. I went over there and dump so number. I told you guys. I broke my leg in corpus. Christi when i was twenty. Four twenty three account member what it was so i've always wanted to go to england. My dad actually played for the fife flyers in scotland. So i always wanted to go over. There migrate coach annual. Sacha load one of my best friends and awesome coach international hockey camps he runs. He was the coach over there. He brought me over there. Unfortunately i was trying to heal a little faster in the off season. I got a steroid call Deca took hysterical dacca in so i got my contracts. Ioc drug testing. I shut that shit off and looking for the edge to get back in the game right. I got embraced my past. So you guys. Do you want play that or not. I don't really give shit. So i took this steroid. I stopped it. When i got my contract i went over there. Everything was cool for about three months. And then they start. Hidden is hard with irc tahseen. I didn't want to have my name drug through the mind So i took off in I never really got chance to explain to my coach. But like i said i'm good friends. Venue now. I told them exactly what i just told you. Guys need winger. I would've hit you. Man i would hit you. I wouldn't let them test you. I was twenty four years old. I didn't know any better right. So i didn't wanna let him down. Not my teammates down or my family down happened. My name dragged through the mud. But hey years later i pretty much did that anyway. So is a great experience over there. I thought it was awesome league. They're paying welders kind of tough guys over there and it's the only place in europe at that time there. You're gonna find north american hockey now when you're taking these steroids. I do they you bring them over with you know business. Soon as i got my contract and read it i stopped it so choke. So how long are they going to be in your system. That's what i got. I went over there right. And i got a buddy that calls minnows. A bunch of boat. This shit he goes. Where you take. Decades city i took some deca goes detectable in your system for eight to twelve months. My goodness will. You mean like the worst kind of steroids. No it's actually a really if you look it up. It's not a very strong one but it was one that was recommended to me for healing getting back into shape. We'll get a leg stop right. It wasn't very strong. I wasn't to put on weight. I didn't wanna put on weight. I just wanted to go on strength and rehab. That things faster could occur now. I- legit wanna go on steroids. That's that was the that was the it goes from the russian superleague. The british super. Everybody's switz- students steroids from leaked russian. Gas over the russian gas. Just booze in england though. Hey how about the drinking culture there. There'd be people passed out at bars everywhere. Taking the dirt naps. It's amazing over there. Like oh man. I wish i would have stayed. Could've stayed why it was what it was. Just what an awesome experience. I try to tell all my kids that like lake. It's whatever whatever's going to happen like you don't make the nhl like fucking go to europe if you can't you gotta go over there like it's just what what life experience it is a bit like. What do you ever play overseas. Or what. You have played in russia dude. I'd planes like land on my building. And i was like even on this planet. That's where that's where. Jimmy learn to stuff that's where he was getting seasoned up. You went over there for a quick shelter. Those k- cello owners are like. That's nothing. I was handing him a million. What's ten. g's right exactly. I heard and brass. You're telling me all about that. All him and yobbo is other yet. Kip brennan. they're all on the same team to these guys are at a different level. Now listen we talked about how these are the old days and you know you did all this crazy shit now. You've calmed down quite a bit. You're actually coaching your kids. One of which is playing and being billeted on the mainland on north thank hoover. Yeah that's right. So the northwest hawks Aaa zone program The general managers is my business partner. Chris shaw he's the gm and the head coach of the fifteen team ryan hallway. That you eighteen head coach Scott houston as seventeen head coach on like i said annual. Sacha lodo coach the team last year by coach from england so he's actually coachman england coach my son last year. Major backup so a pretty special thing. Really good program The bc major midget league major bantu league. It's it's on the up and up..

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