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One hundred kills a controlled substances during three office visits three years later he was found dead surrounded by several empty pill bottles prescribed to him by dr choi says new york city special narcotics prosecutor brigitte brennan that's one of three deaths that she says directly linked back to choice prescribing practices choi allegedly prescribed addictive medications in inappropriate high doses in pill counts and then potentially lethal combination she says choi not only put well meaning people on the wrong track yeltsin became well known as a reliable source among drug dealers he abruptly shut down his office last year when he figured out thirties we're on his tail he was arrested in sheboygan wisconsin at new york headquarters in chelsea steve burns wcbs newsradio eight eighty the mother of the two year old long island boy found dead with his father in virginia yesterday is blasting police for not issuing an amber alert sophia hall spoke with a national organization that deals with amber alerts kidnappers do not stay within stateline said james walters from the amber alert training and assistance program he said a multistate amber alert can be issued avenue ability to reach out to neighboring state is critical and that's one of our mandates through the department of justice is to encourage a collaboration conduct training and technical assistance that allows those coordinators to get together so that you know who have how to contact in the neighbors say police said in a statement they did not issue an amber alert in two year we'll giovanni lagos case because the father did not have a history of violence and bay received reports he had left new york state walter said the bottom line amber alerts saved nine hundred children across the country so via hall news radio eight eighty governor cuomo says new york state has found free legal help for.

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