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Yes. In their private lives. The Gish sisters were devoted to one another and knocked lucky in love. Lillian Gish frequently suggested that her sister and mother with the most important relationships in her life. Heaven to me was a place where I could be with mother and Dorothy all the time went to typical quotes by the age of twenty, though she was known as the most beautiful blonde in the world. Lillian had not had any public romantic relationships. And if she had not, in fact been involved with Griffith romantically. It's possible. She had never to that point done anything like what today we would call dating there was not so much as a shred of gossip about her romantic life until Lillian was in her mid twenties when she was linked to Charles dual the mogul who had learned Lillian away from Griffith with promises of profit, sharing and creative inputs. Dual apparently frequently proposed to Lillian even though intil the last months of his relationship with miss Gish. He was married to a woman with whom Lilian was friend. Lillian initially put her full trust in do, but broke off their engagement before it came out that he was cheating financially. Lillian shortly thereafter began a relationship with George Jean Nathan, which would turn into a ten year attachments. Again, there were proposals and again, Lillian refuse to marry when asked about it. She would insist that she had chosen her career over what she called the business of marriage. Dorothy Gish was difference where Lillian was the great beauty destined to remain chaste and play tragedy. Griffith described Dorothy as hurt and saucy at the age of twenty two Dorothy would marry the actor. James Rennie who would come to live with Gish sisters and their mother. In the family apartments asked about the arrangements. Lillian said she was happy to have a man around the house. However, quote, it seems odd for Jim to come to breakfast in his Japanese KOMO. No, I didn't know. Men were such at least a morning. Eventually MRs Gish decided enough was enough and sent Dorothy belongings to her husband's apartments. Dorothy was devastated saying to her mother, if I thought you would put me out, I wouldn't have married. As tach to her mother and sister as she was Dorothy. Unlike Lillian was not chased non even as a pretense. She remained married to James Rennie for fifteen years though they did not live together nearly that long he drank and she had a fares most notably with actor Louis Cal Hearn Lillian didn't approve of the way Dorothy lived her life of her easy dalliances with men, especially. But the sisters remain the closest person, one another's life until Dorothy is death in nineteen sixty eight. All of this is to say that though there's no evidence to support gossip that the Gish sisters were lovers. You can see how their actual love lives provided the conditions for this gossip to take root, even if just as a joke about how the sisters were closer to each other than either ever managed to get to a single man. This closeness was virtually dramatized in Griffith's film orphans of the storm in which Dorothy and William play non biological sisters who share a bond that has demonstrated to be stronger than any romance. And at one point, the actresses and real life sisters are seen kissing one another on the mouth. Molly Haskell sites. This seen as an example of the oddly incestuous gays in all of Griffith's films. Usually it's a feeling that the father behind the camera is looking to lovingly at his daughter figure. But from there it's a slippery slope to other types of familial love. That may be too close for comfort s-. Next week we will move on to the very first Hollywood. Suicide scandal join us then won't you. Thanks for listening to you must remember this. 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