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I mean my God Oh true freshman number even try just any now that sides down over there. Let's keep going. The one over here on anywhere else can go somewhere else and I taught honestly watching tape or brow. Kirk I thought eighty-eight I thought Galloway he didn't play a ton this year obviously for for Clemson but they need that tight end h back to that can attack the middle and they did it. I drive and it was a huge game. How long did he got like forty yards on that first? Big Point Twenty fifty yards on that I put I agree. They didn't have an answer over the middle of the field and an traversed Trevor's insane arm strength in the dude can throw it anywhere and you've seen his ability. You know. Next year I think the next progression for him to is more touch. You know more more touch over the middle of the field more layering the football and I I think they'll give him more routes kirk everything they run that offense is high degree difficulty. Throw and I mean there's just there's not a lot of Gimme and Joe on twin eighteen to twenty yard outside third and eight thirty nine and I and I think that's that's tough. I I do think this go ahead. David Finish up. Because I WANNA last thing I was just gonNa say Joe Boroughs throwing a million slants and a million easy throws that. Are there bunnies. That should be caught in that. Move the sticks and you get another crack to go to go down field. I think they could do a little better job of more. RPO Games in more easy plays more easy completion. The more pop passes when you do have a guy like. At and they can run the football and trevor overlords ability to run the football. Now you can really kill the middle of the field and then I take my shots. Deep on the outside of the field and they lose higgins. WHO's coming out early? Ross's Ross's back the they have those two young freshmen that are really talented Ten into that that have similar BILBO. Both the guys are kind of Long Galloway. Oh have a year to get ready in the off season. We saw glimpses of what he could do in that game. and then Amaury Rogers Gers. I think it'll be a big key in developing is David talked about between Galloway and Rogers and it goes to coming on. We'll be as important as anything for Trevor Lawrence you lose. I'm assuming come out is. He hasn't decided yet. That's that's the big. That's the big one. I'm a crippling. Is it fair to say. Ah The deadline for that. Is it next twenty okay. My assumption is he's gone and if and if he is the way they recruit they're always going to the players. Li Lin j Dickson is a very talented player he's just not an et end. ESPN is is the key to their whole offense. He's whether no he's catching the ball to the backfield. Running the football yards after contact guy can do so much so if he decides to come out that that's not like oh no problem just bringing the next one. And that's that's a bit of a setback there that spot with the way the CLEMSON's restocking reloading. We know they'll be back and so so. Let's say four senior offensive line and offensive lineman left tackle Jackson Carmen. And if you follow recruiting. They're defensive class their defensive line class they just brought in is going to be stupid so Davos targeted next year by the time that rolls around to the playoffs. Because they've they've already had you know a good solid thirteen fourteen by weeks. And they're going to be you know scrimmage that a couple of scrimmages and they'll be ready to rock and roll and ready to reload and and it really if you look at their defense. Every one of those. I think Thomas Xavier Thomas going to be better next year. I thought he got heavy. I think he'll he'll tail. Drop some weight here. David you can relate to one point your career your lighter than you thought maybe tell us about how you went from being light making a lot of plays for whatever reason you wanted to get bigger than you went back down to being lighter. I think he's going through that a little bit himself. I think he wants to get down and wait to be a little bit more explosive off the the edge they have Rudolph back there foster back. Tyler Davis to freshman Jordan Williams fifty nine so all those guys return along with. Is You just said that new wave players coming in. They lose Chad Smith. They lose Isaiah Simmons. Cave on wall is Tanner Muse. But everybody else is back. I I'm guessing is. Aj Terrell announced anything with what he's doing an ounce he has neither the other way. It's Simmons has an either GonNa do it together. I did a couple years ago. Yeah Yeah they pay all stayed and came back and then spent Bama. Yeah I mean they they all have till the twenty two sides so they got four days in between and you you mentioned the schedule for them of course. ACC But circle November seven. Th You guys they may be making a trip. You know to to Notre Dame because Clemson Jason taken on Notre Dame that that would be a fantastic match. We'll see how that plays out in November summit of the year after that Clemson starts really out of conference scheduling is going to be awesome for them. I mean they're gonNA they're gonNA start amping it up big time and we've seen them in the past take on Auburn and we've seen them take on am and they got Georgia in the future. They're they're doing their best to amp up their schedule as well. I'm looking at the twenty twenty one. They've got South Carolina State Wyoming in Yukon. And we'll see if they could add some more later on before the vote we go. This has been great. You guys breaking down the game. Appreciate that I just one thing I wanNA bring up here because he has said anything to you or me Herbie but somebody somebody I know was eating at a fast food restaurant recently. Komo picture of a guy dressed up in an apron and you see his legs legs and he's holding tacos or Brio David Pollack. Do you want to share anything with us here. See you thought it was fast. It's not fast food. Thank is a casual dining appreciate. Yeah it's Barbara is by the way it's actually good healthy. They have Tofu they have actually really really really good stuff so you try to pull something and try to pull something on the hat but you were misinformed. Should looked up details cabin. So you're going to get into homes. Look up their details brother boy the real conversation please. If anybody's anybody's listening just Google David Pollack and barbary. Does you can look on twitter. I just posted something on there. Dude was the last time you what was the last time you exactly food. I don't know I don't know the last like Chick-fil-a chick-fil-a constitute is fast food and I'll eat some of their nuggets occasionally but yeah yeah. It's been a while it's been a minute late like oh five what you had before that. Now that's been that long for sweets beside the what was the last night at a ice cream cone. I don't I couldn't tell you it's been at least ten fifteen years fan of ice cream or no did you use your priority. You're If you look at pictures you can tell me a fan of ice cream and a lot of things but now what was your favorite sweet. You don't like does loves donuts. Let's in cupcakes. You know what. What's your favorite Momma used to make? That product was off two chains. It was really good. We used to do some good pies back. Mommy's to cook mom I'm cooked. We had a family of four and she cooked. It was a family of eighteen so so you have makeup cover the rest of the people that were the Kelley pollen can throw down as moderation. What anarchy Oh go? Go to David. pollock's twitter account and check out the pick bomber. He does let me tell you. I was stunned stunned that you even walked into a fast food place or a casual dining place that serves burritos. I can't even eat there. By the way Mr Cert- Mr Mr automobile eat there. I eat chicken. Come on what are you talking about. I just thought horse to apparently because we found that a number of Harvey. Have you ever eaten horse. Because Jesse Palmer don't eat. He ate horse and that turned into a completely different conversation Asia. While we're on the air force. I didn't know you could do that. Yes her on purpose. He said it was more game than usual. Joel with my like I have never heard of it either. No I'd never even heard of anybody what country was in.

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