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You mean counters with police I just concluded a meeting with just incredible families that have been through so much but the official White House list indicated none of those family members attended the executive order signing his opening rhetoric was geared toward all law and order posture Americans know the truth without police there is chaos without law there is anarchy and without safety there is catastrophe the order encourages police departments to train officers better to handle incidents like those that have led to widespread protests in recent weeks Costantini Washington a trump administration issued former national security adviser John Bolton the blocked publication of his tell all book the White House says contains classified information the book due out next Tuesday right now the path is unclear in Congress over how to proceed proceed rather with police reform more from Linda Kenya Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the death of George Floyd as part of a larger problem that must be tackled true police reform there is still obviously racism in America we're still paying the price for our regional Sam Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer says improvement can be found in the house is sweeping justice and policing act not through the president's narrow executive order this executive order will not deliver comprehensive meaningful change and accountability in our nation's police department nor so Schumer does the Senate's Republican bill which he says leaves too much of the reform burden up to the states Linda Kenyon Washington in a California court Tuesday an apology and a guilty plea to eighty four manslaughter charges.

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