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To he wants to be. You know. I'll I want to know who's going to be the bug on. You know the the guy with the the hero of women he g say playing that RAW. She's off our no because that's a real creepy role that one of the creepiest actor can thing called It's pretty creepy. He's very and who y'all imagine John Goodman doing that role dressed up bugaboo on you know sitting back you know especially the role you know. There's the sign Rowley. Had in In you know that bowling movie. Oh that sort of role that that sort of back a little bit creepy. I think he could actually play that. I think he could. Yeah you're right. Don't tally. Shaneco definitely do. Joe Exhorted he could but there was somebody else. I was thinking of the other day. Who'd be really good at it but accounting if he's nine right now but who'd be who'd be playing. Carol Baskin. Well Carol Baskin. I think is already been handed out. I believe that the woman that's looking at playing Carol Baskin was shutting. She was on ghostbusters. And she's been on a lot of these Melissa. Mccarthy not over Melissa McCarthy would be actually perfect would be she can play that role. She's a funny lady. I think she played that real. Cd The whole Saturday night. Live team of getting behind this right. So so you can just imagine there's GonNa be some some really odd characters that are gonNA come out of this. I still don't think that we've seen the end on the whole saga on. Actually well when I tell you what. What's what's planned for my camera on this land for my this is playing for the I. Think the two mile double check that before we get into the actual story. But but that's GonNa happen but the other thing too is if you haven't checked out a weekly show There's a brilliant new video up on our instagram page on facebook page. Make sure that you check this out because look it talking about my time in prison and the things that against the arguments that I had with the the prison chaplains. Yeah we kinda mainly Ottawa. At the end of the day really until the viewers I can say view is now at least new viewers and listeners. That shine pissed. Everyone off fingers and He he almost had to organize them some bodyguards and things for him because he just pissed everyone off and I'm so surprised you got three prison sky and just a little bit of a blast from the past for those who are listening to this on podcast. We are actually live on facebook as well. And I've just had a guy that joined Al Fayed and we actually made this guys names Paul. We met him while when we were actually in the airport. Coming back from Al Out trip to I think we we just finished a meeting with us. And we met this guy and he was he. Will you heard US talking about the bad boys podcast? And he was asking all about the choice in the airport and and just joined us on the live. Poll will not see you. But your good that you've joined us I think he follows. He'll follow is what we're doing test it's interesting. You know like just to to meet these people in the airport and then suddenly like pop up on your Newsweek. That's fantastic and I'm glad I'm glad to see that we're getting new listeners. If you're listening to jump on board and if the people who really know us all I need to do is jump on all of our podcasts. Yeah because there's a lot to learn about this little Dynamo Yar. He'll let me tell you yes? There is but before we get rolling. How about we throw to Andrew.

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