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His very last carry. There was a fourth quarter turnovers late in the game. Three minutes left something like that. And then he ripped off a six yard run and then a forty yard touchdown run where he was surrounded by three forty niners one of whom was grabbing his jersey and he spins out of it and kerr's to the end zone so he definitely i think he might have a speed John zeke right now and certainly as a pass catcher. Get five catches in the first quarter. Something crazy like that. I think that maybe he is the better running back for dallas at this point i believe it because i think he'll get a bigger share of the carries. Then zeke would because rico dowdell is not going to have as many carries is tony pollard. And especially name with such i. Sorry you're you're you're right. You're you call you got me on that And i'm not going to trust that. Zeke is going to be healthy. You know what i mean so sure but pollard had just as much trouble running behind that offensive line is zeke's had for much of this year. Yeah he's believe it or not. Oh i believe it for sure. Yeah i my head. Zeke ranked around twenty two or so we found out he was surprisingly inactive. I redid the cowboys projections and had powered at number nine. And i dropped him back to I think sixteen in the projections. We started him over. Kareem hunt I wish that i would have started him over. Cam akers differently. But i didn't now. But yeah i think he's a he's a high end number two running back where zeke's more of a low number. Because if zeke comes back next week and maybe he has a full week of practice. And there's no lingering question marks but if he comes back next week why wouldn't the cowboys give tony powered a few more touches than they had two weeks ago. Okay let's go to our next one. Our final one jalen hurts is a top twelve dynasty quarterback. He's twenty four forty four. Three hundred thirty eight yards three touchdowns. Plus sixty three yards and a touchdown rushing forty. Three fantasy points at arizona he will be at dallas next week and believe it or not is jalen hurts as a top dynasty quarterback heath. What do you think leave it. Believe it and this is not expressed. I tried to say that with certainty. It's not expressing certainty about how good jalen hurts is going to be or how long this will last or if teams will eventually figure it out. It's more about the position of quarterback and we talk about it every every year we go into the twenty or twenty one or twenty two of them. We say that'd be fine. He was my starter week. There there's very few that ended up being difference makers and jalen hurts. Looks like he could be a difference maker and he's a rookie and he looks a lot..

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