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They deals on the big tournaments that john that john woods on that one hundred thousand dollars for the winner you get to be in big spots on young people and you deal to give going to tip. Really well in. Some of the games was on. Unions are crazy people crazy game. They're tipping early well setting. That's a great thing but also just beating into the industry if you love poker philip. Being a round poker dealers have often made the best players because they did. There has been hours at a time. Studying reads and studying a what people are doing betting patterns and so. I think it's a great infants. Not the final clear state. it's great onramp. Just being in the industry and doing something being arousal and they love yes. Funny you mentioned that about players and dealers being good players. And i remember when i was dealing and i was. It wasn't even intentional. But it felt like i knew what everybody had plot me. What it taught was what for and for your guys for your audience. What i learned the lesson from that was hey attention if you're a player and you're not paying attention you're missing tons of information because dealers have to pay attention. We don't have a choice. We're dealing raise the cards. And i'm dealing my cards and i'm running my game. I don't get to watch the tv released from a good dealer. I don't get to watch tv. Or i don't get to talk to the waitress. So i don't get to look at my phone or i don't get to talk to the guy next to me about the football game or you know any of that. I've got to run the game. And what i discovered in. That process was why i can. I know what everybody's got early. I think i do. That was a big wake up call for me so if there's no less than out if nothing else comes out of this i think your your audience All the people listening to this they can take away that you know when you're playing at a poker game doesn't matter if it's tournament or cash what.

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