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You said end. I still I don't think it's not as good. I'm good. But things it was written by Daniel Craig during the rods sly sit. Yeah. That's true. I think it's okay bad. It's not bad. Yeah. You're right. It's a it's a it's a little weighty, man. Little weighty crooked man with a crowbar fighting JAMES BOND in an exploitive cartel. Yeah. Every Remez like gas cylinder that if you kick in the room explodes, or whatever. Yeah. The anyway Remmy Malik. No sorry. Just quickly at the JAMES BOND is like you've made a bad frogman a crooked. Little frogman is I'm gonna leave you in the desert, you're gonna get thirsty. He's a can of oil, and then lighted like we found him in the desert with off a bloody gallon oil and he stomach if that was maybe like, you think I'm going to carry this fucking Canada oil across the desert. Alright, I just leave it just leave it. It'd be like all but once week to the on. You maybe you can't resist it would've been you can't resist that black gold Texas tea that would've made better darn if jasmine oil is again it Jags through it to him. And he just cracked it in front of him. Just like fuck it. And he just drinks it in front of him. Yeah. That'd be that'd be pretty cool. That's a pal ply. Yeah. No rhyming Malik has a twin brother nine semi Malik. Because he really really does. He look like him somewhat. It's like a brand. It's like Brad Pitt Brad Pitt's brawl the situation like ninety percent of the way there, but it's not a call. What's ramming Malek's brothers? It's not what's Brad Pitt's brothers names comparable. You know, he does he looks like if Ramaema like wasn't an actor. Yeah. It was just a regular bathroom. Exactly, man. Imagine being Brad Pitt's, brother. That'd be read. It would be right red pits red Piz, he's kind of unattractive. But that's the thing. It also like a Brad bidded person. I Brad Brad Pitt Saria. Oh, yeah. Ramming Alex, brother. Yeah. Could be like he's very much like like if you run me Malik is is a leading man, you Sami Malik could be like like Jack Johnson character like in a new it'd be like, he's like handsome. But he's also bit cookie kind of thing. Yes. Yes. We that guy. I don't know if he's an actor or something I told I look I look like Jack Johnson. I'm just a just an average looking. That's the spirit. I appreciate that. I like Jack Johnson. I watch spot of us again the other day with Klay fun grind movie. That's pretty good. At is. Donna Mont Clare was just done really clean cleanup seen it before that Dr. Are you going to watch this and just like Ono much? Ben Ben is back. It's about Julia Roberts son comes back, and he said and filled with heroin. I'm like, I'm not doing that. I want to watch a movie about a spot of man or woman. Right. Yeah. Anyway, ramming Malek and also this is lapeyton younger rep site. She'd luckily won't be involved twenty-five room if she was going to be in it. Okay. Does the woman to replace bones nearly did wash correct? Yes. Interesting soon to be dead. Why? She's no distraught. Sorry. I should say that. Yeah. Yeah. What do you think that Raymond like is a bag? I mean, he's going to have a henchman. Anyone exactly you need you need a able Janus henchman inundated. Big Bruce, the brew brew resemble is villain with bruiser of. Yeah. Henchman? Yeah. Great. Well, Bruce of a henchman just the real Bruce Bruce Campbell taught. Yeah. Bruce campbell. Okay..

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