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We've been going down nine tips for winter. Gardening and fred number one was planned evergreens and number two right prune your trees and shrubs. Now i don't have any. I do not have to ask you about number three. Because i know you agree because you've been talking about this recently and that's planned berry bushes for winter color but number four is an interesting one learned to love seed heads. Yes and right now. That is is boring on critical. Now i'm thinking of myself and liking to look out at even some dead tops and things that just simply change the perspective of your garden in wintertime. However when it comes to the critters that i spoke of earlier in the program. I'm feeding them there. He me out of house and but they're just about harsh hardly into the regenerate. No there is no regeneration. They've just about consumed all of the natural seeds and things that are common for them <hes>. Even to the point. I i gained a little respect for a the today <hes>. He and she and buddies cleaned off corncob in just write. Short order fought over. Who got what the next day. The corners of gordon seeds are gone and squirrel. Came back sat. There then went up top and hung and look down at it and then started to eat the cobb when when they're hungry enough to eat the corncob. I'm going to keep feeding. I don't need more squirrels but at the same time <hes>. Yes he'd heads can add to the winner perspective. It depends on on your perspective. But i just definitely don't clean up my goodness thoroughly in the fall as some do because i liked to see the natural in the summer and on into winter number. Five is <hes>. You some of your cuttings to decorate indoors by all means and we talked about this ever weeks ago pre-christmas and i mentioned that i don't cut my taxes and other things out front and so on more often than every other year long bows the reason for doing. It is to maintain the plant. However those bows get bundled up set back in the shade onto christmas time and then i clear the mantle of some other things and so on and put those bows down. Put a few christmas decorations. And i put candles in there but i do not like the candles i. I'm super cautious about that. Because it's family history but at the same time <hes>. Yes by all means <hes>. Do use the cuttings. And i'm just gonna leave it that way and number six is <hes>. Do some winter composting. Yes no i have <hes>. I have the police for it and for many many years. Now i use them a little farm fence and it's about four feet wide. It runs about eight and a half feet long farm fence sticks up just about three feet a little more than three feet and every scrap of vegetable material. Nothing no meat milk so on but every scrap of vegetal was into a steel bucket. Stainless steel bucket under my sink. And then once a week out and buried into the leaves of last fall. I keep kind of turning it over. There is no bad odor <hes>. Compost will actually heat up in the wintertime. But not nearly as much so. I'm getting the material. They're such that. Come spring then i can start for it over and getting <hes>. Well let's just say some. Fantastic what i call black gold that i made myself and it works really works. I have seen your black gold and yes it does number nine. Our number seven is cut invasive plants. Yes now not only cut but dig out if necessary and there are a number of invasive creators. I'm not going to try to get into which ones but do not let any of them go to seed that's-that's number one and that starts dandelions and all then in terms of some of the weeds are annuals. They will die in the fall and be done and at cetera. Anyhow however a great number of the weeds by terms are going to be perennials and that starts with the danton at cetera et cetera. They will cut them. They will come bounding back at you. And i swear on pistols. If you could one off or don't get down deep enough to cut it even inches and more below the ground it will come back to you threefold because those big routes have buds on them for top growth and you need to go down deep enough in the dan line the fissile and that's cetera to get them killed and i do that quite frequently with roundup. I know. there's a lot of discussion about that right now. But i'm very careful how i handled it. Cetera i put it in. I'm gonna call it an oil can so it doesn't splits and and s- play out. I will then just barely squeezed the trigger on the oil. Can and brill. The the roundup down the stem of the dan land around the rosette or down the stem of the sicel that way it is absorbed into the plant it kills the root and then the plant is dead done and gone so be cautious about just cutting them off i favor either the dandelions bigger or the chemistry that is available to us all right now and <hes> you know get rid of the rascals and we've

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