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Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Wednesday Scattered afternoon storms more low nineties from Channel nine Eyewitness news. Meteorologist George Walden Burger. I'll produce Iran either. It was paying more attention than I was or he's just better at math than I was. I always said if I was any good at math, I probably wouldn't be in radio 55 years ago today, Star Trek 1966 55 years ago. Jackie O Brien, busy in the safe Touch Security Triple team traffic center with a red alert. You have been a busy afternoon. I for westbound past Lake married. You've gotta crash now. Right? Laying closed and two left lanes closed. Another fire truck arrived. You've got one center lane. Getting by your best bet. Get off at Lake Mary used 17. 92. If you're still in that westbound through downtown, you've got delays part of colonial. Said. Lake past Center for the Parkway World Drive past the 4 29 eastbound still have been heavy at the turnpike for a way to Colonial partly and at 4 34, and you've got a wreck on 1 92 westbound. Past world drive. This report is sponsored by Staples Stores. Staples is evolving to staples Connect a new world impossible with innovative tools for small business and remote workers and learners. Explore what's new at your local staples Store or staples, connect dot com With traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning. We're helping you get to work on time. From the Wdbo Triple Team Traffic Center. I'm Jackie O Brien. Orlando 4 $29,000 sold 13 offers Winter Springs, $520,000 sold above Appraisal. ST Cloud 12 Offers.

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