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Four let's see Kevin from. Chester wants Kevin up on ninety four WIP Jody yours popping they're. Not a move I tell you one guy that's truly happy that deal go through Who's that Probably see but I think the village would have played. Managed short and I know there was some rumors that Franco might have been in, the deal and I think he's. Pretty happier I don't know if he'd want to go. To Baltimore I'd rather stay with the Phillies enjoying one of the worst teams in baseball. Right now so only if he was in a deal every wasn't an. A deal he gets Manny Machado to play next door on the left side of the. Phillies infield I think that'd be a pretty good deal for my. Cal Franko that's still a chance they could get him next year because you've got that one year left half, a season so we might not. Be over maybe they'll go after Trump. Next year maybe they'll go strong up. The trophy You know that's one daughter understood and I know I got a Mike trout, call last night and my Trump. Tweet till we tried for Mike what. Would it take to get Mike trout I really don't think the angels are looking to trade my God he's got the rest of this year and two more years. Under contract after that. He is their team he is there draw if they don't think they can. Sign him to another extension that at some point you gotta get something rather than nothing but I don't necessarily it's going believe it's, going to be with two years left on the contract I think the earliest the. Dell take offers on trout is after the. Two thousand nine. Hundred and season and flair situation not Sixers, they, purposely stunk player, just purposely state treat it like solid. Destroyed out every time I looked, at that hour straight out out I would make I would make a team like the Sixers they they lost purpose really stunk it. Up, as a player if. I went. Down, over team. I would define what if. They traded, you to a place. That you wanted to be even less than the one you're at retire yeah people don't walkway Mike Mike trout's. Got let's see thirty one million next year Thirty one million a year after, that he's midway to thirty one million dollar contract so he's still got like seventy five million on the table I don't think my? Trout's, retiring with seventy five. Million on. The, table ninety. Jeez I sit the bench Devon ever a guy. Who ninety jeez would make a big. Deal to I see where, coming from ninety is tip money for Mike trout. And once you start living that life with those kind of dollars and, spending that kind of cash you want to continue to do so you. Want to continue to, do so after you're done playing I hope Mike trout, lived to be one hundred if that's. What might trout once he's only applied for another ten years maybe twelve and he's going to be very highly paid during night. Full-time but, even at that he's going to be done playing, in his late thirties it's got sixty more years to live so he's probably gonna wanna make a couple of bucks and put it in the Bank and or some kind of an advancement I, dunno maybe, unders mattress if, he's that kind of guy but he's. Not going to continue to stop earning at. The high level that he can play a game that he. Loves just because he might not be in the perfect situation where he's at. Which, oh by the way I've never heard my trout say he's unhappy played ran. I'm he's, frustrated by the fact that they've only been to, the playoffs one stall dime he's been there he got called on the carpet which I thought was a major mistake by rob Manfred I'm sure you heard this story if you haven't I'll give, it, to, you real quickly All star games Commissioner always talks does the go round with the media outlets and the..

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