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Ready for the Rockies and the Giants in the home opener over at Oracle Park. Let's hit the lumber and that is sponsored by a golden state When you succeed, we succeed visitors today at Golden State lumber dot com. Well, let's keep the lumber going last year, of course. The oral part played absolutely great for hitters, and you can't say that very often in the history of this ballpark. 11 home runs so far, of course, all on the road in Seattle in San Diego, 11 home runs tied for fourth. In all of baseball. So keep that going, as John Miller told you a few minutes ago. One thing Evan Longoria is out today had a reaction to the vaccine. He's hitting 3 18 with three home runs, so hopefully he could be in there. Maybe he could do some late game hitting if they needed a pinch hitter, But he will not start today. So that's one piece of lumber that is out of the lineup. Some guys who have been very, very good. Donovan Solano, who had the game winning sacrifice fly last time out against San Diego. He's sitting for a nine and Buster Posey back in the ball park in front of fans for the first time since September, 29th of 2019 so he will get a huge ovation. In the home opener today. Buster Posey as two home runs in four games, and hopefully he can get things going and he can hit the lumber pretty hard. Some guys who need to get going of Brandon Crawford's in the line up against the lefty. Today. He's too of 18 Mike. Extreme Ski is just three for 22 Alex Dickerson, just one for 12 and Austin Slater's leading off today. Four for 23, So some of those bats need to get going. They've had some good ones. So far, they are hitting the long ball and that is hitting the lumber sponsored by Golden State lumber. When we six when you succeed, we succeed visitors today at Golden State Lumber calm right, Let's go places now. With the Toyota out of town scoreboard. There is one game in action right now. Yankees, doubling up the Rays in the battle of a least match up 4 to 2 clubber, by the way, Cory Clubber starting in that game course he signed with the Yankees in the off season. So you've got that one going on. Do not turn on your sets. If you want to see a ring ceremony that's gonna happen in the home opener for the Dodgers today. The nationals visiting the Dodgers. Joe Ross versus Walker Bueller. So make sure that you don't accidentally stumble upon that when the days of the Astros later on tonight, as well. Angels and the Blue Jays, Tigers and Indians Phillies taken on the Braves. That should be a good one. Former giant Zack Wheeler is pitching in that one. The Padres and the Rangers, of course, an interleague matchup in that one and the Reds and the Diamondbacks in that game, and that is Your Toyota out of town Scoreboard As far as the lineups are concerned, I told you some of the guys they're going to be out for the for the Giants today, Austin Slater is going to lead off the whole thing. So again, Brandon Crawford and line up against the lefty is well, Buster Posey back in there, and he's hitting In the six spot those of your diamond, let's get you ready for the home opener. Fans are back the Rockies and the Giants from Oracle Park on the SportsCenter..

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