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The unique opportunity to visit him at. At his home a few years ago and did an interview with him. which is something that is very rare. We did a video interview and we also took notes, and we publish the entire interview in the Lamborghini Club America. Magazine La Vida Lamborghini a couple years ago. You tell us about this interview. Yes, the interview it was very interesting. Meeting Marcello Gandini I expected a flamboyant out there allowed sure something that really strained extreme design in his character, and he's the most modest man in the world is the most modest man I can't. Can't say it more accurately. A quiet man, not too many words. He does not speak English, so I was speaking to him through his daughter, who was working as an interpreter for US Valentino. Balboni was there also to help translate. We sat down for it was well over an hour, and we talked about his experience Lamborghini. He told me about some of the more interesting experiences he had with the brand, but we also talked a lot about how the design of the different cars that he did for Lamborghini while working at Bertone. And you and I agree that the Muira is one of the most beautiful postwar cars ever created however went speaking Marcello. He was for sure proud of his hard work. With the MIRA of course I cannot speak for him, but my interpretation from the interview was he was no more or less proud of the mirror that he was saying the bottom you know. Know he was equally proud of all of his designs. In as he explained to me, each of the designs had its features that came out is heated, vision him and flaws in the design, a threat and I stopped him and I couldn't believe what he said next after I asked him will. which of your design had flaws, and he said well all of them. And I said including the MIRA any smiled, and he said especially the bureau and I said what was the flaw in the design and he kind of gave me a look like. It was obvious and I didn't recognize that he was surprised that I didn't know what the flaw in the design was, so he pointed over to a picture. There was a perfect front on shot of the car and he's like. Take a look at that picture and tell me what think, so. My simple explanation was the most beautiful car I've ever seen and I think he was expecting me to know what he was talking about. And the disappointing part of the designed for him was the width of the tires and wheels. Eight. He explained to me that design he had envisioned had wider tires. Any said at the time that was the whitest higher you could buy for a passenger car. and. He said it really bothered him. Minutes still bothers him to this day. He was certainly light years ahead because today. Of course, it's all about filling out those wheel wells and getting larger wheel as possible underneath that car I mean really was just. He was just full of brilliant brilliant ideas, and what's amazing is he didn't do that with modern technology like a computer. That's right. Right where you could play with different designs and quickly move things around. He was doing this on drafting board with a pencil ruler in an eraser. That's right and he was in his early twenties. They all were in their early twenty S. I guess between Wallace stands on the Laura and John Dini. You put them all together and they weren't more than one hundred ten years old. True, Fruit yourself was only in his mid forties. He started his company. I guess yeah, well. You know and you talked about your interview with Marcel Again Dini in La Vida I want to tell you how much I enjoy the magazine. Of course, a member of the club I wouldn't have it any other way I believe that a VIP membership is the only way to fly, because at naughtily supports your own station, but it gets me a nifty carbon fibre membership card I think I've got a stack of them here over the years i. I collect them all, but I also collect ear magazine, and that comes with VIP membership, and what a great magazine it is I know what it takes to put out a magazine in my hat's off to you for being able to publish such professional professional product `La Vida is just fantastic comes out twice a year. Is that right? Yeah, we come out with an issue for the spring summer. And then we do one for the fall, and each issue is one hundred pages in it covers. What's going on in the community and Canada? UPDATES people on the latest news as well as provides some historical content to help educate people and show them what the brand was about years ago to keep the entire experience relevant to everyone. That's what I really like about it. You look through the magazine inning. See not just new cars, but some fantastic historical examples both photograph today, and also occasionally some great historic images that shine a light on the past. Thank you, it's a collaboration. I worked with a small team to put the magazine together, but the most important. Important Element of the magazine is the content comes from all over. We get a lot of different owners mostly in America that submit articles and content and photos, but we also have club members from around the World Ismay things going on in their part of the world that's interesting and educating for people to read about especially the club members we have in Europe than being closer to the factory. They can attend more factory events do more celebrations. It's something Nice. That helps to heap everybody in sync with what's going on. On with Lamborghini community. Will you know before those lockdown Andrew? You actually had a pretty far reach too I. Know the Lamborghini Club. America has done some really interesting world events. Talk About Your Dubai event that yeah, that's an interesting event that you bring up. I mentioned her name before Joy Lou she is our marketing and events lead for the club. She engineers in is kind of the architect of the bigger events. We do with her being a marketing professional something that she's always thinking forward on is what's next for. For the club, or what should the club be doing? So? She does surveys every now, and then and a couple of years ago. She did a survey for International Club of that. There are a number of different locations that came up to buy was one of the top, and so she started designing a Dubai experience for Lamborghini owners, and so we went there, and we had almost forty people that went with us, so it was a a sizable group. We did this back in early November of two thousand nineteen. At one of the best hotels there we had, we went to the version rob. We went to the Burj Khalifah. We hit all of the check boxes for everything you need to do in Dubai. And then we had two days where we rented. Lamborghinis for the group, and we did lab drive..

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