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And then his father, a member of a noble Italian family, which I think is interesting I need know that about Napoleon the actually has a talion heritage as opposed to French really when you get down to his father remain on good terms with the French when he took over Corsica and Napoleon would describe his entrance into the world this way. Into Zia, by way of my models of Jonah, almost suffocated whom I v was twelve four time on my Moses bawdy Bozen, I did not die. My mother's nipple was placed in my mouth and is sold opponent, haughtily and flies. My mobile's. New. No. You didn't talk that. I talked it makes you feel happy. If he did he's that I was born in Corsica or as one when Corsica was perishing thirty thousand Frenchmen spewed onto our shores, drowning the throne of liberty and waves of blood the cries of the dying the groans of the oppressed, and tears of despair surrounded my cradle from the hour of my birth. No short on drama, this guy, all Napoleon drama pants on polio's parents Carlo and Latisha considered minor aristocrats. They own multiple homes address like silly hat wearing assholes which was customary at the time. They look like uncomfortable powder dolls the prep time for leaving the house back then must have been in saying multiple clothing layers wigs make up a lot of time spent in the mirror practicing, looking snooty and above everything Napoleon's parents look boozy, but they actually weren't that wealthy with eight kids that Bonaparte families struggled to keep up appearances the struggle helped developed Polian. Ideals about meritocracy. Let the past be open to talent. He would say the pinnacle of his power. I do love that thought America Crecy very hard to actually implement. But theoretically, I think the best way to run a country or run a business, right? Let each employment position be filled by the most talented applicant measure Napoleon actually did that. We'll look at that later. He seemed to go on to create more of a who has kiss my ass the hottest autocracy, but I like to. It's Corsica was an impoverished island nation. Well, before the French took over it's located in the Mediterranean between Italy and France with a population between one hundred and two hundred or one hundred thousand one hundred twenty thousand inhabitants court Corsicans had seen their fair share of invading armies, excuse me over the centuries from Romans and Moore's to Genoese, the core skins had fought many battles. And they'd won a lot of them. But France developed into one of the world's most modern armies and the Koreans were easily brought under the French flag in seventeen sixty nine again the year of Napoleon's birth prior to the French takeover. Corsica had enjoyed a brief fourteen years of independence after seceding from.

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