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Michael Jackson smokey Robinson steep nicked phoebe dates. That's okay yeah. He never made it Steve Nick's he has won one. Hit the DRUDGE Graham Nash Grace Slick Michael McDonald Doc. Clint Black and Olivia Newton John as well as our one time. podcast guests Richard Richard Marx Peter Asher Dennis Lampard and Jimmy way. Frank and I are thrilled to welcome to the show. Genuine rock and roll legend than a man who says he learned to play instruments by sneaking his brother's guitar. Hard down the whole wall. Dad's Stephen who who I said very little professional path and gave really putting back before he came home. The multi-talented Kenny loggins. Thank you and good night and Kenny. You're you're not by yourself here now. That's Rick Cowling is came with me in case in case you forced me into making any music. I heard this show. We just warned him. We just gave them a list of all the people you sang with. I've have you ever worked with Steve. Nick's an unsung hero of the music. Business silent sister was pretty good. You said something that stuck with me you you say when you were hosting American idol and your rose the question you would ask every contestant and will help me okay you ask them. Why are you here yes? Yeah that's pretty much. Why are you here? What do you want WanNa make it? Yeah well it struck me that Their premises excuse me that this is GonNa this is GonNa make your life better right. You can be an overnight sensation and all your problems will go away and you will. We'll have a wonderful life and the premise is incorrect. Yes you know. It's just doesn't work that way and And so that was one of the questions questions I asked the. I remember. There was a girl on. who was the daughter of a psychic and she claimed to be a psychic and she had a career as a psychic Abbott? She wanted to be the next American idol and they asked her they said. Are you GonNa win this. Because you're psychic right. She said yes. I'm going to be the next American idol. So you comes comes out and she sings and she is pretty horrible and they got to me and I said I've never seen anyone ruined to careers. Here's who wants before. I let you know that was that. Was the ad been drinking drinking. And then I'll use that as my punchline everything tonight you know what's funny about what you said. I remember when I first started getting interested rested and going to show business. I had the idea that if you're in show business you never depress you never unhappy happy. You never frost everything everything that bothers normal people doesn't affect you. Yeah it's clearly not a normal person so that didn't work out he he without after knowing your for twelve minutes. That's that's pretty impressive. Kids are going into the business. I mean you've got a couple of children. Now that are that are music well. My oldest boy went in for a while Ronnie Crosby and he quit at twenty nine when he realized what you were saying that it wasn't the the answer to all the problems and actually it was creating a whole lot of new ones and what he was so frustrated by the by the time he hit that that age he said to me Dad. Why don't you get out of the way it would just go away? Maybe I have a shot. I've known but he's cool. He's he's got his own. It business in Santa Barbara. He's doing really well and he's married and has my My first grandchild so by granddaughter Pfeiffer and so that's part hard of What I did when we're Franken? I were talking earlier and I told him that. I wrote a new verse two Danny Song for my granddaughter. And so it's because you have to remember that Danny Song was a song I wrote for my brother Dan. I was a senior in high school. His his child was had just been born in his first child. And you see this circle going around all the time and then I'm I'm watching my own children. I had five of my own and you know so with this just keeps going. I figured I'd let the song grow up with my life near back sense. You did neither discourage or encourage your kids When they when when they're going to go into the business you know I? It was more like a hollow. Encourage any of my children to do anything. They're dreaming of. You know and he really wanted to do that. He really had that thing going he did at MTV show Called rock the cradle and one of the kids of famous people that are trying to go into music business But you know it just. It wasn't the thing that was going to work for him. And before we get to a laid out of it I have to ask you to do some Danny Song. Oh okay as long as you're on the subject well. Does anybody have a guitar here. You can use your mind. We've gotta give sure that these guitars let me see if I do this and sing down a little. It might work work.

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