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Initiative. Sixteen thirty nine raises the legal age to buy semiautomatic rifles from eighteen years old at twenty one. I sixteen thirty nine was approved by voters in November. The Seattle times reports that people will also have to pass in enhanced background. Check, take firearms training and wait ten business days before they can have the semiautomatic weapon starting July. First, I sixteen thirty nine also creates the new crime of community endangerment, which gun owners could be charged with four improperly storing guns, if someone not allowed to have when like a child or a felon gets a hold of it. And finally, the FBI is eliminating so-called courtesy checks which allow Washington's concealed carry license holders to avoid the ten day waiting period and bring home a handgun on the same day. They by using a program in Australia as a model Seattle could be one of the first cities in our country to try and save youth before they become homeless in a city called Geelong, Australia, three schools started screen. Students for risk of homelessness before they graduated from twelfth grade and have reportedly reduced the number of kids entering their homeless system by forty percent. According to the Seattle times, if the schools find kids at risk making immediately connect them with services that can help like counseling or rental assistance to keep families housed and off the streets. Now, the rakes foundation in Seattle, which is dedicated to ending youth homelessness approved a one hundred sixty thousand dollar grant to study what we would need here to host in expansion of the Geelong program. Sue Romero, KOMO.

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