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Steve Perry welcome to inside the studio. Thank you nice to be here. You've got the motorcycle boots and you actually ride. I do motorcycle boots but I soon my back. I had to get rid of it. I was afraid I was going to kill myself but it saved my life when I first left. The Bam first thing I did was go back to my hometown and jump on a Harley that I bought that I never owned before I bought. A software custom was a beautiful motorcycle. I bought it in California and I drove to Hanford California put it in a storage unit which I rented and it lived there so every time I go to bed hometown of mine. I just park the car and jump on that bike and ride out in the country. Where the Vince Posts and the jackrabbits were of my youth to be honest with you. And I did that a lot back then. It was no helmet. Law was just long hair behind you. You know it. Kinda helped put my head back together again. Did you grow up writing? No but I did have a Honda when I was a young. Get at Honda trail-bike. It's where I used to drive to school so I kind of like scooters like that right you know. Wait so this Harley. This is like the fulfilment of some sort was. It was finally bought a Harley and it was evolution engine beautiful and soft. L. Custom had a cabernet color tank and vendors. Just really I used to drive out in the country and then after it helped put my brain back together and give me comfort. I actually just gave somebody here because I just didn't think I should be on. I'm I'm just not that talented writing anymore. We're in an accident or well when I used to drink. I certainly would lay it down a couple of times right because the truism is that there are two kinds of motorcycle riders those who've been in an accident and those who will be in an accident tribe. That's right. How bad was it when you lay down? I was actually just coming out of a bar had had too many drinks and I just went to write it and start it and I lost my balance in that. Dropped it with people who don't ride don't realize pounds. It's heavy it's heavy. I'd have to buddies. Help me straighten it out right. So that's kind of taught me that number one. I shouldn't drink writhing number. Two is to me me. I'm just not that skill a writer. You've said that when you left the band bought this Harley had helped put your head back together. Did you've talked about that as a period where you had a kind of. Ptsd it. What form did this? Ptsd take for you for me. I could not listen to music of any kind and I could not sing or write music of any kind. The only thing I could listen to stuff that was called ambient at that time which was like liquid mine. Steve Roach had some music out. This was like ambient and there was no drums. Guitars was no voices. There was no anything like that and it was just something. I thought that Especially liquid mind the changes of liquid mine a sort of or emotionally putting back together a little bit at a time but it was quite some time before I listen to the music of my youth which was The army and Sam Cooks and all that took a while to get back to that in just to stick with that notion of putting your mind back together that PTSD. It sounds like also you were self medicating at that point self medicating how was not medicating. Well drinking is all. There's no doubt that before. I even left the group in some sort of behaviors okay and that contributed to the emptiness that was a feeling of disconnect with the passion for music. It was a pretty scary thing so I didn't just go back to my hometown in disappear. I reconvened with some feelings and streets in the country roads and the old ice cream parlor plus I had at that time. My father's sister was still alive and I wouldn't help take care of her. Because she was into nineties and Got Her situated and visited her a lot because she was going from from one home of living to another as her needs became more for assistance so I was taking care of her two. It was a big thing I was doing at the time. You mentioned the music that had. I met a lot to the music that you grew up on. Yeah tell me more about that. Who were the singers that you learned from? Oh my goodness the once I learnt the most from were pocket. Singers had rhythm in their phrasings. The Sam Cooks Jackie. Wilson's the Levi stubbs from the tops. Even smokey Robinson in his own way was very light and loyalty but so soulful Marvin Gaye of course then later Kim Gladys Knight I love the supremes when I was growing up. You know I was really big Motown Fan. So besides the songwriting and recording in the music. I grew up with there. Was this other factor of what were they doing? Meaning how are they recording it? How does it sound that way? And why does it feel that way? And how did they get that drum sound and what kind of echoes? On the Voice of Levi Stubbs Song Bernadette her baby I need your Lovin or or the Marvin Gaye troubled man? I mean there was just another focused. It started to show up in my heart of trying to learn from all that an early age so those are production engineer. They were but they were invaluable things that I thought I needed to pay attention to and I started really early on listening to to the whole thing. 'cause I realized very early on like about seven eight years old. Why does it feel and sound that way? It wasn't just a forty-five what went into this. Why does it come out like that? I wanted to know what's behind it so I slowly started to just go to school so to speak with going into these tracks. Listening to the echoes is it. Stereo isn't model. My goodness mono wow okay and start really getting into why it works the way. It does in and then all of a sudden years later when the Beatles showed what I found fascinating. If you listen to motown most of those were Donald four-track and if you listened to early like Beatles for sale record. It's four track because you can hear that they've recorded like three tracks ambassador to the left of the Bam and you can hear that they have a no reply for instance they have Ringo and I think George and maybe Paul in the distance on the right side one track accentuating downbeat of the chorus. No reply do okay so you got ring on the right Guam and pinching symbol with a boom. Okay see you get that in time with what's already there on the left side when they the basic so they're accentuating with an accent stuff that works with the main track in the most cool way and then they have to tracks left them to mess around do vocals down the middle. Now what's really fascinating is listen lead. Vocal of John in the middle. The echoes on the right. Tom Left so when they're mixing the stuff. These are the things these decisions have decided to make to give spread to give it this inclusive feeling dude. Four channels for channels. What that means is that they had to really make a commitment. Once you commit to these tracks you can't go back his unlike today when he got tracks to choose from in like recording right. Now you've got multiple tracks can choose from. No you got four channel. We're talking about the Beatles. There's a Beatles Song on traces on your new album is I need you. How did you come to choose that one? What drew you to it when I was really young love the helper but there was one song by George Harrison called. I need you. That was so beautiful and it was a Boston older. They were kind of into that Bossa Nova thing at that time. They did a lot to though. I liked it. I thought it was a bigger song. I wasn't being degraded. I just thought my goodness this is such a great song. I think it needs a different treatment and I knew that as a kid so that when it came time to do the traces record so this is one. You've been thinking about feeling for a long time. Then well that was been the back pocket for years since I was a kid so I turned to my co producer engineer. Tom Flowers is at Tom. You know I got this idea. I got this sketch of majors with acoustic voice on one of my drives. Kinda played for you. It's a Beatles song called. I need you by George Harrison so I played it for him and he loved it so the next thing. I know Vinnie. Calcutta was over her recording. Some drums I think for no more CRYAN. I said Vinnie. I got this other song. Would you mind just doing a pass on it? She sure what he I played it for. Me Says Yeah. Vinnie does kind of a feel from heaven so he went out there. One Pass just nailed it so from that point on. That song became what I always envisioned it to be. Which is the piano and voice in the beginning then coming in and growing and growing with background vocals. I wrote different background vocals. The tro then on the original and with a drum brake going into them. And it's on my record. I wouldn't have that wasn't Libya because I was only going to put it on my record if I got so you played her the finished version so I brought the CD into a Livia and she turned it on and listen to the whole thing top to bottom and I was very nervous because this is a living you know and I love George so much. She listened to the whole track one time and she grabbed the remote and click a restarted. It and I went. Oh my goodness you hear something. She wasn't pleased with. I thought you know and she got halfway through the second. Listen turn the volume down said George would have just loved this so much and I'll tell you what I felt his soul. Just give me approval through. Olivia and I needed her blessing. So that's why it's on the record you know it's also interesting as well. This is a song. You've been thinking about today. I heard it now that you've had in your back pocket as you say emotionally but fits a record that often deals with love loss. A record that you said would not exist without heartbreak. I think that's very true. I've said it before and I guess I should say it again that Hardee's and complete until it's completely broken. Annuity YOU LOSE SOMEBODY. That completely breaks your heart. Here's just not probably as seasoned or completed human being as you could be and I can only tae that's been my experience at didn't feel great. Losing Kelly was horrible from time to time. I still go through the the heartbreak like it was yesterday. But that's just I think affirmation of the strength of what we had. It's just an affirmation of that but The record traces is not all heartbreak. It's about rock and roll. It's about class reunion moments. It's it's about we're still here it's about you know there's a lot of great music on the record but there are a couple of songs Do deal with the loss of somewhat. Well you just mentioned a reunion moment. I think you might be referring to the first track on the record your spare.

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