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Preparing for up to 20 inches of rain as Tropical Storm Nicholas approaches Dave Packer, ABC News KGO 8 10 News Update update on the morning show with Mickey Maduro. Good morning I'm Breitbart car to tour manager for the Rolling Stones has died following an accident. At his Santa Rosa home, his wife says make Brendan was digging a grave for the family dog. When the accident happened. The 73 year old was taken to the hospital where he was declared dead. In addition to the Stone's Brigade, in worked with acts such as Joe Satriani, Carlos Santana, Bob Dylan, Peter Frampton, He also managed the supergroup Chicken Foot. Residents of grizzly flats are now being allowed back into town. After the cow door fire leveled many of the buildings there the town school, Post Office Church and Fire Station where all burnt to the ground. Cal Fire's J. Tracy says the called or fire wiped out most of the homes and grizzly flats, and it was emotional to see residents going back. It was tough to see a whole community like that just kind of wiped. Wiped away but Many of the people we spoke with, and You know, real high spirits and obviously there were devastated but pretty high spirits and we're already talking about rebuilding the Caldera. Fire has now raised through nearly 220,000 acres. It is 67% contained this morning and Marin County's last bowling alley. Make clothes for good to make way for New Housing Country Club bowl in Sandra fell has been closed since structural problems were discovered by the city in July. Officials say the high cost of repairs may cause the owner to tear the business down and build housing instead. This report is sponsored by Lowe's is for your favorite season lows is definitely the place to get ready for it from fall garden gear to seasonal decor. They have it all at a great price. KGO. A 10 business and tech report says Wal Mart is not accepting crypto at least not yet. No, they're you know. Early this morning, Walmart shook up the retail world.

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