What Will Democrats Try to Do to Lessen the Blow of Midterm Elections?


So we need to ask ourselves the question, what are Democrats going to try to do coming into November to try and let's say lessen the upcoming loss? I think they know they're going to lose. I think they know the American people are not with them. But that doesn't mean they're just going to accept it. And one of the things I believe they're going to try to do, and this is something to keep your eye on, is not that they're going to try to actually, you know, they're not going to, let's say, unleash something or release it, but they're going to change their messaging. I think specifically around COVID. I would not be surprised around July or August, that you start to see Democrats start to get back into a COVID hysteria posture. Very well could be that they want April May and June and most of July to kind of be going back to how things were. Returned and nostalgia, a mask free indoor dining, let's say, malls are open type America. But if I were the Democrats, and if I was sinister, if I was cruel, if I only cared about power and I was a naked machiavellian, what I would do then in late July and early August is I would, as soon as a certain date hits, let's say July 20th or July 25th, when the news cycle gets very slow, I would push a button and all of a sudden I would get people fearful again. COVID cases are on the rise. Here's the total amount of deaths or whatever sort of metric because because of the abundance of metrics of the ways that we measure COVID, whether it be deaths or whether it be cases or whether it be all these things. They can find a specific number that might be accelerating even though the general trend might be tapering, focus on that trend and make a big deal out of it.

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