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Look for air Rogers off your time on Gummer yesterday. We'll discuss that with Greg Jennings. Well time on come rain cost the Packers a chance to win yesterday. And Rogers was reportedly very upset with Gummer's decision to return a kickoff or joined by FOX analysts, Greg Jennings. All right. Greg Rogers be that upset with Montgomery absolutely one hundred percent, no doubt about I'm gonna tell you right now. I was upset like as a fan. I felt like we all got robbed got raw from opportunities just witness what could have potentially took place, or maybe what wouldn't take wouldn't have exactly we We have. have we did either way we would have found out. What could have what didn't what would have whatever the case may be. But we never got that opportunity. I think it was snatched away. But as far as time Montgomery goes, very smart player. I was I was very shocked that he even decided to take it out. But I put it on time on Gumri as well as coaching because in that situation, you had you must be clear and concise when it comes to what we are doing. I truly believe that if they had told timeout gummy. We are not bringing it out. He would not have brought that ball out of the end zone. When you give a player the opposite. Or you say make a great judge, which he is always done a very smart player. Very sure handed doesn't put the ball on the ground in that situation. He's to not even two yet to full yards deep in the end zone. So in kick return rules if you're not three yards or deep. You you can bring it out. It's up to your discretion. He felt like again. This is for me to make a play can make hero. And so, but because I know the type of player timeout Gummer is I'm not holding this against him for the remainder of the season, obviously. But if I'm on the sideline, and he's my teammate at that moment. Oh, I'm hot. I am disturbed. I'm like come on, man. You've gotta you've gotta Neil because two minutes and five seconds. You got a free time because the two minute warning. You have time on your back pocket. You got Rodgers your offices opened up. You're running the ball. Well, the you have their defense on their toes. Everything is in your favor, and we've seen Rogers perform at a high level in this situation when much less time to work with Give me. me a chance. He's played for the Packers falls from Aaron Rodgers. But you did not cross over with timeline Gumri. But you've heard from other players what he's like as a teammate. He's a great teammate just loves them. He loves them, one of the smartest. I mean, this this is so uncharacteristic. That's why was I was almost like what are you doing? Because it just didn't it doesn't fit time on Gumri in smart football in that situation. And again, that's why I can I he stares the blame with coaching staff because I think if you're clear in just concise in Mike McCarthy said in his press conference. The. The idea was to put the ball air sands to to keep the ball in the end zone. Like not to bring it out. But he never said it with conviction. He said that was the idea. But he never said we told time Montgomery or we said we didn't want to return the ball. Let's get it on the twenty five yard line. Put the ball in air, if they had said that I don't think we're even talking about this, right? Some situation. You shouldn't have to say it you right to really great players supposed to know down in distance. They supposed to know circumstances own. Look, we got we got air. Roger that's not. That's not Sam darnold. That's not Josh Rosen. Chef Sam darnold that that press layer definitely not..

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