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Those the hours spent on makeup of the various starvation techniques. It was it was more after years of that. I'm just being exhausted. By it being like I remember when what boyfriends, one of my ex-boyfriends being night to me, and I went out with him when I was probably the most obsessed with my ways and the like I weighed everything, as I had, like a very controlled calorie can't every day, and this was for years. So it kept me, very thin, but he was just like this is like, I just can't use like you're, so here's an interesting and well rounded person, yet, your soap Sast with this. Like, really superficial thing he's, there's so much more to you than your weight. I can't believe that dictate your life. Let this bus. He was saying this just wasn't penetrating. And I it was many years after that the I just started to when I turned thirty I actually threw my weighing scales way, as a present to myself, and that was like. Probably the beginning of. Kind of yet trying to undo this like obsession with my with my appearance, I feel like appearance, we can pretend it doesn't matter. We can pretend that we think about it, but where we live in a world where people still place value, and again like importance on. Thank you. That's that brings me back to what I wanted to say, there's a bit where I quote, like Tony. Oh, maybe she didn't make it into the book, but there was a bit where I referenced Tony Morrison, who I reference a lot throughout the book. She's like, my, my favorite also I noticed on your book show. Oh my God. Look, here, there's well afterwards, you can look amazing just seven. A huge part of but, but I was reading and watching interviews with her, and I heard her talking about beauty, and she was talking about the blackest beautiful movement. And she was saying how she was never really a part of it because she was like understood why at to happen of speaking, though. I'm tiny Marcin them. She was like she was like she understood what white white happened, but she wasn't really interested because she was just like to, to whom are you speaking who are you saying the black is beautiful? She's just like is this to white people? She was like, I know she was like, I know that black..

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