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Sun makes it one nil. Yeah huge slice. Hi Sir Fortunate to occasions. GET INTO SEAN ON. Then to the goalkeepers leg of the shop vase of course had its critics. It's being introduced in the Premier League Hair Sheffield United. I thought they had scored lovely go. However it's a toenail isn't it? It is a tonio and listen given the margin of error. I think you have to respect. Gandhi League technology given the time it took. It's doing a disservice. To the place they would get a equalizer late late on as it finishes Spurs one Sheffield United One. Sheffield united definitely surprise package. So far in the premier league she talked Spurs Ovar which one. Oh I you choose Let's talk about Spain. Shall We. Because they all just so you can just see. They have no belief whatsoever absolutely dire. And I'll be honest with you. I thought it was second-best even when they took the lead they were second best in that game. And sometimes when you're not playing well you get a goal goal. Maybe that's push into some kind of some kind of option some kind of belief that yes. He's Taja aligning or feet is is is is lady. Luck is with us today at the very least but at no point did spurs ever looked even confident in their one. Elite elite at home did not look confident and I think that speaks to a wider laser around the sport on this team song. Asana been the story of of of the football for a number of different reasons gets gets his name on the team sheet but he must look around spruce and the names that they have available available to them. Hurricane didn't offer a love for me at all now Eric Dire on another day with another referee. Maybe could have been sent off to fifteen minutes but you had you had your luck. Leaning luck was with you on. You've got to make it count on this team who it's hard to to. The two. Father are beaten Champions League. Finalists simply have no confidence about what they're doing. No no belief it seems the football and the Short Schroeder thing is like we talked about united we can be critical that pies put pretty much all these I place walk straightened out. Sheffield United team. Yes they've got the quality they're just only orange can just see devoid of anything. They don't want the bowl they want to. I mean this is an incredible almost to witness that you have players like Harry Kane who show count sniff out and Pachuco song continues to be energetic and provide the greatest option for for Spurs assembly because of his runs coming from deep. You have a player like Lucas Mara. Who loves the ball in? He does yet unable to get on on an even when he doesn't offer an awful lot. And you do that from back to front with this spirit team. We thought that maybe it was a a lot of these players who are in the last years of their contracts maybe Christian Erickson was a little bit Maury and that has spread through. Show the dressing restroom but at some point even the players who are going out of contract you if you want to play your we into a big move you've got to perform embedded on this if you're not doing it for the team at least put together some kind of an individual performance for your future yet. You're not seeing it all. You're seeing from back active front as I keep seeing as a team and individuals devoid of confidence. And I'm really not sure this is not just in poverty. No because 'cause I don't know who comes in if you decide to poetry comes in and changes and changes that I really don't I have a three and a half minutes. Didn't friends offended the song. It was ridiculous should be disallowed with side. Listen Up South. An Austrian Jews and said football deserves the right decision. If it takes four minutes over wrong decision in four seconds but as you just one play out and depending on on what feed you got you saw the you are moving the lines on the on the field to make a correct decision it just looked like amateur. How the lines were having to be moved and redraw? It seemed as though still getting new understand technology. I think the other aspect of this is you have to factor in a sitton arrow. There has to be a degree of era about this. Because you're using television photos that are by nature individuals snapshots quickly around each other. That you are using it does take you know if you are drawing lines to the edge of dyas knee. Let's see we might have. It positioned slightly slightly differently. Showed to have to have us take that long the over something that still has a shift degree of error about because of the technology because of human application of it. I think it's doing a disservice to the game puts weird just last week for me. No armpit everyone's lies like this. Why wasn't a little memo sent sent around to the referees? Let's just stick with the on field decision you know. My is the common sense and I I think for me it. It seems totally devoid of any common sense and any logical application of it and continue to make this point I was part of the advisory panel will be going to be a first discussing thing it and he referees stated what they wanted and how they wanted it done and in particular and I've I'll continue banging on this drum. They wanted the referees on the field to be the the final authority on decisions yet. You're not seeing that. I think that takes away from the referees Overall Authority because now it doesn't really matter what you on the free with your whistle. Says it only matters what the guy upstairs. I don't think you're stripping the referee of authority. What I would like to see done is is a nose as good a time as any with the international break coming up? Sit Down with the referees on Sem what they won't ask them what support support their need from VR. Uh think of the language that they'd like to see used in explaining there are and stick with that because is everything for me seems to be about a reaction to what fans and what the media says and I think that is. That's put into the the car before the Horse. The most important person this picture as referee Vir are is here to support. The referee not explain decisions Teddy City funds or or the media not to appease managers on the sidelines. They are there to support the referee. Make them an integral part of the decision on how it's used. I just don't think they've done that. Let's check out well south today at Stamford Bridge..

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