Lynchburg, Butler discussed on Dave Ramsey


Ladies and gentleman involved in Lynchburg he is just a faraway radio broadcast all the churches of Christ salute you it is written I have turned the world upside down come here is our role so it is a now these were more noble than those in such and that they received the word with already knows of mine searching the scriptures daily whether these things or it is written some said with this Butler say he seems to be a center for the strange guards because he preached Jesus directions it is I found also at all for was this inscription to and unknown and being there for the offspring of god we ought not to think that the guard had these like on the gold or silver or stone raven by art done device of man the times of ignorance therefore god overlooked but now he commands us man that they should all everywhere are repent in as much as he has appointed a day in which he will judge the world in righteousness while the man whom he hath ordained or all these given assurance undo all band in that he hath raised him from the dead god in every tomorrow therefore I live for today certain of strings and sunrise guidance along the way power for each moment of weakness comfort or every sorrow sunshine enjoy after rain god every tomorrow planning for you for me in the dark follow trust for my eyes cannot see still for the problem was a blessing confident of his protection going my life god in every tomorrow life with the changes because he is over before me out in the dark distance little home where no fault of my bro home in the presence of Jesus for all eternity.

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