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For a number how the republican said oh we hate blue state so let's do our tax reform plan and say now we're gonna cap your state income tax your property doctrine right the salt deduction will california most supposedly has a plan to get around this and let's find out what it really looks like and when it means washington post policy reporter jeff stein joins me on the phone right now jeff thanks for coming on the show so how are we going to get around this problem of the deductions well it looks like uh we may not get around that problem in california taxpayers it may not get around the problem uh kevin de leon two states hungary leader passed a bill to the state set last month that would essentially allow and it's it's complicated but but the uh i tried is that people can get a deduction on charitable uh donations to a state fund rather than paying their state taxes and that would by allowing them to still contribute to state functions technically and giving money to california could use there would allow them to avoid the ten thousand dollars cap taking local tax deductions i passed under the republican gel which is what you are referring to is in terms of uh the bills screwing blue states um but the story i i had published in the post today um detailed that a lot of irs agents who who were in the agency are are very sceptical that this plan that pass the state side of it in this still awaiting passage through the assembly and uh signature from the governor i would would actually be workable the irs agents say that um states have to adhere to the intention of the law the law was passed by the republicans and even if california thinks that it's unfair and that they are being on run uh wrongfully targeted they can't just come up with this sort of gimmick to get around it and and that to just like uh californians and presumably a lot of your listeners will be stocked with a bill uh regardless of however high their state and local tax deduction uh has been in the past writes uh walking proposals you were just stein is joining me on the phone and it's not just california new york new york is a huge hijacked state illinois is maryland new jersey right and so we can't be alone in saying.

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