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Wear benmoumou be safe for them. Call me not to say we diff- on we use who damn i'm not as naive may title tree. Lots of them be treat you say tree on remember. The trees get led the malaysia. Legitimate moving is a movie tree. return live seriously. I saw this south term population. Hold that simply conjured smudged with ten people so the population is far larger than the people. So right now. The tango van was split politics. The is go to play on the on them as politician ditton zecchini back to vip about. I know what you're talking to come. Boss boss michael savage mark of guts. Thank you for reminding me except political not power upturned from the people i must be controlled by the wife tradition paula. I'll give him by god. Is that it is a bet rights and still be enforced by the known. I remember this out outta my bad output's off my back to fox but of my way. Okay her going on now when macoutes dot points. We did the head on meeting. And dwarf with paul asaba declarin. Ooh says that day the federal government have not sleeping why because people are bewitching for the. Will you move presidency. Yes okay precedent of nobis because the st pius night actually mid melamine speak from the dream would be attorney. General lewis monsieur. Yes why he was trying to sleep. Who you call go exe- you'd be disclosed not me night compass. Piet bats to. I love man and you see for the very first time is sam. You feel was incorporated. I think he's asking when buck it. To tell you the anomaly of the mystique winning make you cry for us. All guy you're saying the beside you go pay me for business. Otherwise you we would rather because the business of spear pats be processes involved in my love to pass this partner relate to call me open has enough commit is to tell you the level at which the statement of the southern governors go wit. So he's night for the entire people be keep. The country was state wide. The corday resources of this alternates mainly mic descent. People berated now. I said southbound governors polities want to use it to whittle to do something what is called beggar for truce. T are you say. Hey so they went to use it to buy for truce by. The truth is due in new goud ratio not toys. Monday batch of people. Why some things. When do you need them love to say call them to eat buffet table remember. That don't mixed it myself. A good meat would be president. Mohammadu buhari The quote bath went. There called me twitter. Chat tech notices that new game Why because. I don't see him so for us. Mitten would you are. People will be spending to disclose what we discuss so the company would him in secret any longer days. One do miami. The issue statement and is certain is on mount on ian. He saw wide open. They have confiscated award and the cannot allow them. Go hold their name meeting without them. Getting debuted the details of the metairie preston been. Okay no this feet just up and down meeting again. Another increase increase our or your issue. Independent muslims depressant. Then we'll finger wichita again so because of that. That is the truce i'm ben. You see specia- special arrangement for some force when don and not okay. Our people just relies. We are not in support of major dividing. Ooh rebelled to see what we can do to make this country one and then everybody hug directors do wherever you are bet you into protect your property so the course acidy maternal volt battery concert depressing. Day meeting obey. Mika axial implicitly for you grow is nigeria. Really really one simple answer in fact the two simple from my full statement new okay. We deceive people. Who was there one ninety two now one died mpn on upn dot cs dot walker now. What digital's people of nigeria or this metabol- open greasy. I'd listen to one of our terrorist assists. Show this morning. i listen to me. You pick this heavy madame form. We she can come. People be talk. Talk talk content. Laugh detroit say the mata where open greasy or not on grazing. The people have been pushed to a point where the reaction is telling negative on those dues hussein message yesterday. Talk on category policy. Don't show a precedent. Nice embassies to these. People say mcmonagle hippo delivered distinct bet benhamou. You know if manama kitwe said new message and now for response and i called rich day. The pissy win goes down to ese. Because when you send a message to ted. Unless i slept from abroad coma for me as you must coma dhammika quasi. I am to mix said no. Don't don't worry. I'm good to see to that matter. I don't worry. I have the way of hundred mata that he will never raises unto slap. You again What do you do. he's the mitchell complete my mission so one on true and i return The one that they bit me for decide But the real message was sent ninety. You go so. My people digital's people of major to festival be a windows. Sent message tuna and said the message must look for with the defending message. His saint the industry so defined the muslims. I say on the one that win or a biblical misery. That is the messenger. Whatever i do his leads. You deal with. Reflect the message. Wendy s wendy rio now the message saying on certain whatever you is where he call him. So mickey congress can use them the message at wendy's same you did you stab yourself. Do you tell you need at that time. I can't imagine how i'm rebuttal kundi. Rub you you call the call. Yoga's in mickle risk of you from deandra bond What humidity was still youtube. Now sit down every night. Forty fires greatest security. When go she'll figure is the first of the pets your house every night. I'm be baidu eat. That is the billionaire liberated from rubbery madonna. You set yourself free so what does digital can pull off ledger. And it'll for dental to now. Do one simple burgum. Just become the number. One hippies repeats repeats which means it columnists boom boom dodgers more have a recognition for cornel brin buddies elevator. You see the brew you will just know said. These balloon deerfield art with immediate effect. Been looking for this message us when sent where then keep them in the trashcan. Really put them in. The trashcan won miss because west. Send a message nursey messenger. He said message mercy yes given the to win to send a message to become property of the united center. I'm not she must get to dot points none meat for noise because they wait for teeth night. Big positive win becoming.

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