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18006. Rose 0 to 0 to zero. Take advantage of our 90 Day Money back guarantee. Call 806 120 20 do it now. Never wait for weather. Get the storm Teammate forecast of the top at 30 past each hour on news radio. W F l a way do you have a dense fog advisory for parts of Tampa Bay until 9 a.m.. And after that we'll begin to see more of a mix of sun and clouds and quite warm and humid for early February are high today. All the way up at 80 degrees, only a 10% rain chance. Stays mild McGee through the evening with lows in the mid sixties. We could see more fog for Wednesday morning as well. But Wednesday's also going to be a hot day at 81 Sea Fog will continue along our coastline. Today, light winds out of the south at five knots if you're out on the water and smooth conditions on the bank I'm accidental right. Meteorologist least ban the UV index is five right now. Partly cloudy, some dense fog 66 degrees in ST Petersburg, 67 Lutes and 68 after severe weather Station news, radio w F L A Next updated 5 15 on Chris Trunk man. If you don't know you're about to. This is am Tampa Bay with Jack Harris. Aaron Jacobson, Katie Boo Chino and Natalie. A quill eah on use radio. Tell you f l A good morning. It is am Champa Bai When a Make sure we get that straight. And if.

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