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Yes detroit vegan so is providing detroiters the opportunity to eat more plantbased meals and they've received an overwhelming response from detroiters detroit is our hungry for culturally appropriate fresh delicious phone that's why we built a nonprofit organization call food lab detroit to help small neighborhood burgeoning food entrepreneur start and scale healthy food businesses food provis these entrepreneurs incubation handson education workshops technical assistance access to industry experts so that they can growing scale they're very small businesses but last year they had a combined revenue of over seven point five million dollars and they provided two hundred fifty two jobs listen listen these are just a few examples on how you expand opportunities so that everybody can participate and prosper particularly those who come from neighborhoods that have been historically exclude it from these types of opportunities i know i know my city is a long way from succeeding we're still struggling and i'm not going to stay in here on this stage and tell you that all of detroit's problems in all of the choice challenges are going to be solved to urban agriculture i'm not going to do that but i will tell you this urban agriculture has detroit thinking about it city now in a different way a city that can be both urban and rural in yes i know these stories are small these stories are neighborhood base store these but these stories are powerful their powerful because i'm showing you how we're creating a new society left vacant in the places in the spaces that with this integration from the yo the powerful stories because their stories about love the love that detroiters half of one another the love the we have for our community the love that we have a mother earth but more importantly these stories are stories on how devastation despair the k nap ever get the last word in the city of detroit when hundreds of thousands of people left detroit and they left us with dead those who stayed had hope they held onto hope they never gave up they always kept fighting and listen i know transforming a big city like detroit to one that is prosperous one this functional one this healthy onenothing closelipped one that provides opportunities for all i know it's tough i know is challenging.

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