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There were times on a street in Memphis, for example, it was clear to me that that car caused more than all of the houses on one side of that street and then watch people sad, never seen a car like this. I've never touched a car like this again, wasn't the America. I thought we were living in like I thought we were living in. I remember when the plaza hotel here went up for some sort of privatization. And I remember thinking, wow, that. That was a place that Ralph kramden kind of working man in New York knew that if you really saved up and he really did well at the bus company once a year, you know, he could bring the wife there and be the man for the night. You know, or I remember when Yankee Stadium when I saw the ticket price guy rocket because all these stadiums get named after corporate monsters. Now, you know the MCI this or the the AT and t. that that now the ticket prices, they've knocked down wants to put up another one and they make the ticket price. So a father and son can't do the game anymore. You know, when all those changes started to happen, I don't think I quite did the math on how wide spread it's become. I've been in forty five states in the last few years, and I've seen them in all levels and it's a staggering gap. And the car really brought that out and then brought of course people into this beautiful space that had to do with Elvis in this beautiful. Face of nostalgia, and occasionally they would understand this is a weird car because you could have done a Cadillac or something. But this one feels like the king of England. This one feels like something else, and I was really, as there was a loss boy king in this car in on aid, he died in this car. You know, he looked out the window and saw he. I think he was always trying to get back to blow in the car, kept gone the wrong way. One moment that really moved me that was sort of a metaphor for the of lost American away was this little audio clip of Elvis, the possibly lows to market lost to waiting for us, yes. Okay. Hiding this little voice of Elvis saying if I could something like if I could find a wife and a baby, I would never leave that house on a, you know that that that little voice over in the film. I kept removing from the film and then putting it back for time because things movie can only be so long, and it's already on the edge of that. So every time I would take it out, man would find its way back because it was something about that in knock use, little fiber in the grand tapestry that gave you that again, reminder. What would any of us do had we been presented with these deductions? It's so easy to judge Elvis in hindsight, but I don't know what I would do with all that place before me all that power, all that money, all that sexuality, all that opportunity loneliness, those little clips were so beautiful. They really add it such texture and such heart to who this guy was. He was. So he's so huge, but yet sensitive small guy too. Yes. You know, I mean that there's always two answers to that question. You know, I'm a mutt my life is one answer because you these films become real sort of bookmarks of your life and you couldn't have made it at so many other mistakes and and moments not happen. So the the smug answers, longtime many, many years. But the practical answer is I started really preparing my thoughts in earnest twenty fourteen and I was going through my own midlife crisis around that time, and I discovered I was the same age. Elvis was when he died, and I had been making speeches to audiences around the country on prisons and in churches and community centers with previous film might made about the war on drugs and in audience after audience. I noticed Jean, if you're not careful, these are working people whose lives are already unrecognizable to them. They've become a cuff guy. S. Maze of mortgages and dangerous to their children and drug abuse and incarceration and and the rich getting richer and everything else come. So if you walk in there is some comfortable filmmaker from the east coast and you're going to say, oh, guess what people it's even worse than you think it's an active cruelty..

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