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Yes it is i didn't get your name my name is eugene fitzherbert and i'm actually not calling for a party i am legal counsel for the walt disney pictures motion picture studio and the reason for my call is that it would appear that there's copyright and trademark violation by your business against our company what what does that mean it would appear no efforts been made on your part to contact walt disney pictures to acquire licensing to use our characters well i mean i'm not saying that i'm disney i i'm just i'm a former hairstylist i'm a mom but does your website nuts day clearly on the homepage frozen princess birthday party yes it died there's pictures of princesses and olaf the snowman on that website yeah that's a blatant usage of a trademark name i mean i guess i didn't think i needed permission to to little girls hair like a favorite movie character and you didn't and it's within our rights to bill you for the usage of our trademark brand name oh my god this is crazy we would collect damages on every party you've held in the area of twenty thousand dollars per use and from the pictures on your website we see at least thirty two different parties that you've hosted are you kidding me do i sound like i'm kidding you to be joking i charge i only church four.

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