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He's ready to give up by then said he pushed for the increase in a separate bill, adding quote No one should work 40 hours a week and live below the poverty wage. Now the latest traffic and weather together right now, no new reports on of any accidents on any of the major interstates or highways here in the Tri state. Now the latest forecast from the advanced Industry Weather Center as we adjust to the new normal in our lives, advanced industry will continue working to make your dental visit as safest. Possible. No fear. Dentist dot com In the tri state. We're looking at a few snow showers possible mainly in northern Kentucky. We'll see a morning lower 21. Now, after a few clouds for our Saturday it's sunshine and my high of 34 at night Chance of snow Leda Lower 19 on Sunday Watch for a slick road or to partly cloudy and a high of 27. From your severe weather station. I'm nine first warning. Chief meteorologist Steve Raleigh News Radio 700 wlw in radar is showing some stone showers moving across the tri state right now Northern Dearborn County and South East Indiana. Almost all of Hamilton County scene. So shower activity even across the river into coming to Newport, extending all the way down to Taylor Mill and just to the north of Alexandria. Our current temperature is 33 degrees. There has been another guilty plea in the federal bribery case centered around the controversial House Bill six in Ohio. Former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householders Political Action Committee generation now is pleading guilty. Details of the plea are sealed for now. Generation now is the organization that allegedly funneled millions of dollars from first energy toe householder and others in order to get House Bill six passed into law to provide a billion dollar bailout for Ohio's to nuclear power plants. Two other defendants in the case have already taken plea deals. Householder himself still insists he's innocent. I'm Jack Crumley news radio 700 WLW, Ohio reporting close to 3700 cover 19 cases Today there.

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