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You don't have to work the results hey who cares weeks away exactly your parents are the ones that are worrying what if they all go toby wrong anyway clement who's fifteen and is in most well hill in the small bit of north london yeah having finished my gcc's last week i felt i had to write into say thank you in one of my english language exams which he put an apostrophe between the m in the s by the way robin has gone through this with an editorial pencil the perfect question came up yeah right a film review of film that is special to you this is fantastic wow listening to your bad selfs with an pasta if he between the f in the s doing him any of the past year i felt i had a good idea of how to structure my review even if are going about positive he's channeling myanamar i wrote about a small indie film called star wars and you hope hopefully it was all right anyway tiffany tonkin so on there's clement anyway i'm just because it was in english gcc kind of question that's why robin the puppeteer decided to market be particularly harsh on the inappropriate he's a bit like mr mci of porridge posture fy catastrophe that's what it was classy math teacher in newcastle ltl and so on and previously featured in other correspondents when you referred to me paps ironically as a classy teacher so that's why i'm classy maths teacher i am an examiner for a level maths okay we are encouraged to apply mark schemes positive is because early we were talking about here encouraging examiners particularly level examiners too generous and you said be ot deep benefit of the doubt doubt and tv which was to a clue buck that's right and if it's too tv then it's definitely not going to get the od anyway we encouraged to apply mark schemes positively where possible the official guidance encourages encourages us to reward candidates quotes for what they have shown they can do rather than penalize them for emissions okay having said that it's not always easy give him what some attempts looked like these wish all recently examined young with detainees along restful summer and let them know that we do where possible try to give them a leg up though personally i'm not interested in max i'm particularly interested in those mocking physics english and geography to be particularly generous thank you so much be od is which would nine minutes past three o'clock kevin mcdonald shortly but some big moves to discuss first of all so we had sicario a couple of years ago which was a really powerful piece of work starring emily blunt already by then ville nerve who i know is now one of your favorite directors not only watching films and liking them from interviewing him and finding delightful very charming shop way routes deacons obviously is the the great i and that john johansen school so now we have sicario too so that all day the sold out of soldier depending on which territory your and circe just explain that title over here it's called sakaria to seoul dot does soldier and i think in america or in some other territories it's called day of sold out it to be honest with you it's neither here or there so we now have the right this frana salima a shot by dariusz wolski very fine cinematography written mattel sheridan as before but we don't have emily blunt so the top one the cost now has benicio del toro and josh brolin so what we have is it's interesting they've they've talked about it as being not so much as equal as a standalone film and we'll we'll come to that so it's a kind of paranoid story about the us border that taps into particularly the trump era fears the setup is in an age in which trafficking people is more profitable than trafficking trafficking drugs the authorities the government us government of particularly alarmed because they think that what's happening is that isis terrorists are being brought into the country by coming in through mexico and been brokers was this brings together a whole bunch of paranoia is the border mexico isis the wall the travel bans all those things that are going to in the news at the moment matthew modine is this slimy govement fisher who enlists brolin to basically go to mexico and start a war between cartels because they figured that the easiest way of you know dealing with the dealing with the problem is to.

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