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He ends up in ST Louis. Everything ST George Bitty kid comes in at the right time. You know, you got some younger defense minister ready to take a step at the different players and they're gonna come from all different areas, and I think that's the that's the significant challenge. So whether you do it now. It's not going to change what ultimately you're going to have to achieve to me. Can you do it now with this group? And do you have the opportunity to do it? What are those opportunities? But if you make the decision that you're going to transition out of that group, it's not going to change in three years time you're gonna have to find the same ability to sink it all up. That voice is Craig Button TSN analyst Yes and scout former general manager in the National Hockey League. Kind enough to join us here on the instigators so well with saying all that And I agree with everything you're saying it's it's very hard to come to grips with the fact that you could be looking at a team trading a player of Jack Eichel's caliber. You have the top 75 prospect list to specify these air players that have been drafted, but not yet in the NHL. Seven of them of the L. A Kings prospects are on that list. That's a team that has been rumored or speculated, could make a move for Jack. If you saw a deal The sabers making a deal that involved Jack Eichel. What kind of return Would you as the general manager for the sabers want And what kind of return? Would you of a very willing trade partner. Be willing to give up to the sabers in order to get Jack Eichel? What kind of a deal are we looking at here? So so you're looking at it? You're looking at a at a at a unique player. Jack Eichel work, Thies players number one don't exist. So I'm gonna go back to my own experience. You know, we were in Dallas. We had Madonna way had Jamie Langenbrunner Gary letting it and Hatcher and after that we had a really good group of young players. And we were building and Joe knew and I became available. He didn't want to be in Congress anymore. And we were looking at Colorado Bud Sack trick him. Forsberg and Detroit advertisement of Federal Office. Oh, yeah, we got MacDonald. How are we gonna be good if we don't find another sentiment? And so Joe became available and our coats the general manager with the Calgary Flames at the time, really clearly established it was gonna be qualities and he made hay made us Really step back when he said, If you wanna talk about new nights it's gonna take again. What did we know Jerome again? I was going to score such under goals and be a super snow, But we think it was gonna be a really good player. Yes. So that made us a little bit nervous, a little bit uncomfortable, but as we went through it, and we said Where we ever gonna get a guy like Joe knew. And I said we had to be open minded about, you know, Okay. It's gonna take quality. Al was clear that it was gonna be calling. I'm not big on pieces. If you want pieces, throw in the 500 piece puzzle too, Because if you get lots of pieces, you know why? I don't want to hear about pieces. I want to hear about quality. I'm a big quality guy. So if you're the L, a kings and you want Jack Eichel, I'm just picking the l. A Kings Ready team. You better start talking about quality. Don't tell me about I'll give you this prospect in this prospect that this pic and everything I want quality. So where do we go? Well, I think you start right with quality. You don't have to look very far to say, Well, it's got to include a quick by field. It's gotto include, Uh, analysis. Turcotte. In my view, you know those air quality players. You hang up the phone If they're not options Absolutely. You do. Absolutely you do you don't you don't settle. If you're Kevin Adams, you established what? It's going to take the same Go for Laughren Year with New York. I mean, that's got to be the guy that the first name that comes into mind if if we're talking Jack Eichel, But people think we're not friend here and Fox. Like, Hey, listen when, when outside, drove My Gillen we want who way were is like we saw a whole bunch of rattle snakes in the grass. That's how that's how we became. What? We heard that name. Now you start to consider Get back to team building, Doctor. What does it mean? So what does it mean for their late cakes? Well, it means significant. Our coats understood what it meant for the dollar stars to get Joe No. One night. And so to me. Yeah. You hang up the phone. You establish what you're gonna do and the part of establishing it, too, And I'm not. I'm not a person that says that you draw a hard line in the sand. You always have to understand what you what you want to do is a team. You have to have those relationships with the players. It's not just like shut up and play. I don't believe in that. Part of you know of Jack Eichel. Or any player says they want out or anything. You're dealing with a different scenario. But like Joe Sakic did with Matthew Shane, he said, Okay. I'll trade you, but I'm trading on my terms. Not on yours. So he went to Matt that he told you better play. And if you want to leave here, you're going to play because I'm not just trade you on on cents on the dollar. 50 cents on the dollar. I got e. I understand why you're right. I'll accommodate you because it's not healthy for us. So you on our terms. So you do your part and I'll do my part. So it doesn't you don't have to just trade Jack Eichel. You go to him and say OK, I get where you're at. You better play here because I'm trade you for value and quality. At what point in time D do you say to a player like Jack Eichel? We're not trading you..

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