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Final four underway in Minneapolis right now with ten forty nine left in the first half Virginia. Got a one point lead over Auburn fourteen to thirteen game to Texas Tech facing Michigan state later this evening, red raiders coach Chris beard is to be tough to score against the Spartans. I think Michigan state's one the best defensive teams in college basketball, as they are every year to me it's much more than just the rebounding. It's the positioning and the gaps in the toughness the middle toughness, the lack of mistakes the players playing roles rim protection. It's the best shot blocking teams had caused basketball. They do it by committee winters today course, playing for the national title on Monday night baseball scoreboard finals Tigers down the Royal seven four the Mets rally from to delegates to beat the national six to five Kevin Newman walk off double in the tenth of pirates beat the reds, six two five. This is sports. Other scores twins down the Phillies six to two Mariners beat the White Sox nine to two shortstop. Tim Beckham goes four for five with three RBI. Manny Machado a two run Homer. Top of the eighth. The Padres beat the cards six to four in progress. Angels leading the Rangers four to one. That's it's the seventh giants with six two four lead over the raise top of the eighth Indians. Leading the Blue Jays seventy-two bottom of the six in hockey one. Final the lightning. The Bruins six to three underway right now. The conducts and blues tied that to at the end of regulation. They're headed into overtime only to N B A games scheduled today. That's with a six point lead over the bucks in the third quarter coming up a bit later, Philadelphia, Chicago, Texas, Open career sue seat, Kim. Taking a one shot lead over Canada's Corey Connors. Tomorrow's final round in San Antonio. That's our sports. I'm Wally Hindes..

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