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Breath so what should i do love trent trent trent here got got caught dick handed he brown himself out and he called his boss's girlfriend yeah boss's girlfriend made a a salacious joke i think the i think there is like something to joke you don't think she would just make the joke completely out of the blue yeah but i think if anything what was meant by the joke was that you can flirt with me and i'll flirt back and and our flirtatious relationship can grow not actually call me drunk on your birthday we'll have sex here horse so he took it too far what if it was a guy so his girlfriend or his his managers still lady and the assistant manager is dude and on his way out was like a call me for birthdays sex you think that would be him flirting with him because this girl's also just attracted to only female so maybe she thought of it is such an out of the hand you don't know the possibility says bosses a lesbian but she has girlfriend her girlfriend could be by sex tual could be but so could a guy yes so so you could saying there's a chance that she was completely kidding not even joking a little bit you're not even serious a little less but i think also it's such a weird joke to make that i think that there was a kernel of truth there you can call me for birthdays sex.

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