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I sort of been letting the continuing Facebook controversy royal on without talking about it in much detail because there hasn't been much new in the way of details just a bunch of back and forth PR battling. Though this is interesting, whistleblower Francis haugen has accepted an invitation to brief Facebook's oversight board, which she claims Facebook has lied to repeatedly. Quoting axios. The oversight board said in a statement it wants to, quote, gather information that can help push for greater transparency and accountability end quote. Hogan's busy schedule this month will include appearing before the UK parliament on October 25th to give evidence to the joint committee considering the online safety Bill, legislation geared toward regulating social media companies. And apparently a second Facebook whistleblower says she's willing to testify before Congress and that she's shared documents with a U.S. law agency. This is from insider, quote Sophie Zhang a former Facebook data scientist who went public with her criticisms of the company in September 2020, has told CNN, she is willing to testify before Congress. Zhang also said on Twitter on Sunday that she had provided a U.S. law enforcement agency with, quote, detailed documentation regarding potential criminal violations end quote. When asked by CNN Zhang did not say which agency she gave documents to, an FBI spokesperson declined to comment when contacted by CNN. If Congress wishes for me to testify, I will fulfill my civic duty as I've publicly stated for the past half years, Yang said in a tweet Monday that linked to her CNN interview. Speaking to CNN, Zhang said she was encouraged by the apparent bipartisan support for action against Facebook following Francis Hagen, another Facebook whistleblower testifying about children's safety on Facebook and Instagram in a congressional hearing on October 5th. Zhang was fired from Facebook in August 2020, but before she left, she posted a 7800 word memo detailing how she believed the company allowed authoritarian regimes around the world to manipulate its platform. I have blood on my hands, Zhang wrote in the memo, which was obtained by BuzzFeed. Zhang wrote that she was officially being fired for, quote, poor performance..

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