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Walking my dog in the middle of the day I heard a loud whisper behind the gate to the house next to me, startled me I jumped. Nobody was there, but the voice clear as day said, get him out. Still don't know how to explain it. Gosh Gosh. That was. With was I just watched ufo sitting at You know it's a Typo. UFO citing and Layton and we talked about that because that's what kind of spawned a lot of this I've seen the same thing in Syracuse a couple of years ago, I recorded it, but you couldn't see it in the camera view very well. It just looked like it was like glimmering. So yeah, that's what spawn. This topic is one of our listeners email and said hey, you guys posted this story on our website. Ninety seven hundred HD DOT COM, and it had to do with the UFO sightings in, and she said I saw something, and she said I got up in arms. Arms she heard it and then saw something ever window and I think to the point where she came outside, and then sought again, and she doesn't. What wasn't made a weird sound and I was like what was the sounds. I haven't heard back from her off just a trip. This said ten years ago was asleep in bed, felt like someone was watching me woke up. A large black mass was above me literally through myself out of bed. Not sure what it was When my husband woke up, it was gone. This is that as a kid we go camping in. Idaho, we'd explore an old mining town. My cousins and I saw silhouette of a flying Nan. Adult. We thought it was math man. That's A. Have you ever seen that movie? I think it was. It was Richard, Gere. That was in that movie. A good movie. This Mothman prophecies it. Isn't that what it was called? I don't know this, said one. Email you my story because it's Freaky, so it sounds like it's longer than what the text is, but thank you for shortening dark figure laughing at me. Because of how scared I was showing me, it's powers. Is the. Did they say the age on that one? Ran over a dead body on the freeway, I was eighteen, but I wasn't the first car or the last card to do so. Yeah, I got home from late. Let's see worked late and laid down in the hallway. Being so tired, a ghost walked from my room down the hallway to me and into the bathroom there were like what? That's crazy, and this is a different, so that's a separate story here with the ghost. It is wholly I thought it was maybe a continuation of ood. That's crazy craziest. was that the ghost of my parents basement will walk across the room and just sit on the bed, experienced by me, my sister son, the parents say crazy, but some. That's the thing some people are open to. To that energy, and I believe it man crazy all right. If we get any more of those stories, we'll share them coming up in a few minutes here at eight, hundred, nine, four, five, ten sixteen. Now we've got the body count topic coming up at the bottom of the hour. We'll tell you more on that coming up in just two minutes here at ninety seven hundred. Ninety seven one. Frankie and just podcast here on iheartradio. So before we get into some text here, that came into the show at eight to nine four five. This is kind of interesting. If you're into scary movies, apparently, this is trending right now and we've talked a little bit about this movie before. Because a friend of the show is name is jared Phillips. He's a local guy. He's an actor Let's see he's produced and directed films, and he's a really good guy and he's been on the show. Yeah, but don't show several times in one of the movies he's in. He's got a small part in it, but it's called hereditary. So. Have you seen it? Oh. Yeah makes my stomach. So Toni Collette this misses a twenty twenty eighteen film, but it's trending because people are taking the social media because they're like. Even you know watching the trailer, but watching the movie people are like I haven't been able to sleep in a week. All of this movie so did you watch the whole thing or I had to stop it. Did you really yeah like? Yeah. That's a lot because you love that Stein Oh. Yeah, can you without giving too much? Like what was it? That was it just. Gore, or is it more psychological stuff or is gory? And then it turned into like Kinda like possession. Ish from what I remember, I watched it a Yla. Two thousand eighteen scary just from the previews forget it. Yeah, like there's a little girl in it and yeah, I love Toni Collette. She's a great actress, Austin. This is one of those kind of like. It sounds like cult film. It was far as wasn't huge. people that love it and yeah, so people are now just it's kind of a guess trending or whatever, because people are saying. They can't sleep after Razi watching. It s happened to me after Amityville horror with Ryan Reynolds. Not Good. I sleep for weeks. So the not even the original, the original is I. Don't think I saw the remake. Based on a true story. That just a screen shot from this hereditary. That's a nice craftsman home. It's on fire. I thought that was kind of interesting, because like I, said our friend Jared Phillips's in that movie. That's awesome. all right, so here's what we threw out. We're talking stories. It's a story that you have something that happened involving you and it's one that you just don't like to share, or maybe when you do use the people are thinking. Okay, whatever your? This isn't real. It's an unbelievable story and you might be a little hesitant to tell people a two nine, four five. She said we had some some stories leftover from the nine and the o'clock hour. Yeah, so let's do this.

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