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He's only air. Michael Lasky high above memorial stadium as the bears. Get ready to face the UCLA. Bruins the bears in there. And we're going to call it the Joe Roth blue jerseys. Excellent choice. I I like the, and they are it's a really good look with the gold pants that gold helmets. It might be my favorite. Look we see each year during the Joe Roth memorial game. Whether it's UCLA USC to comes to town. I liked the look and hopefully the bears will play well as they have against the Bruins here over the course of the last seven or eight game. So the bears have been able to win at home. But they haven't been able to win at the Rose Bowl. So it's kind of in the home and home result type of series between these two teams. All right time now to talk a little Pac twelve football brought to you by Pacific office automation, which wants you to know that you can follow the bears a number of different ways. Cal bears dot com is the website the Twitter account is at Cal football. Instagram is Cal underscore football. And snapchat. Cal. Football Pacific office automation. Problem solved Pacific office dot com. Another way you can join us on the podcast each and every week bear in mind. The official podcast of Cal athletics. We talked head coach Justin Wilcox and this week. We brought on one of these seniors Patrick mccarey from Westlake village down there in southern California knows a lot of these players played against a lot of these UCLA players in high school. So for the southern California kids that takes on added importance. All right. Let's go through the Pac twelve scoreboard abbreviated this week as four teams have buys, Oregon state. Arizona state Stanford and Washington state start with the game last night in Salt Lake City. No contest, really, Utah dominated Arizona to improve to four and to forty to ten the final score Tyler Huntley had the rare hat-trick Patrick he had the hat trick.

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