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Not to react so it feels to us either when we're happier sattar angry like we're just reacting to things that are happening in the world but actually your brain is is not reacting to events in the world it's predicting jibri is constantly guessing what's going to happen next and these gases are the basis of your emotions you're the networks that are in your brain are our networked in a way that based on whatever the situation is right now at the networks in your brain are predicting what's going to happen in a moment from now what you're going to see in here in taste and feel in a moment from now and then when that moment arrives he uses the sensory input to either confirm or correct those predictions and that becomes your experience and that's a lot easier to demonstrate on with visual perception several good examples in your book to to demonstrate i can give you some examples here for example um you know we're talking and two ice it feels like we're listening to each other and just reacting to each other's words but infarct you know you your brain based on years and years and years of experience with the english language your brain is predicting every single word that comes out of my he did that to me you know i was waiting for you to say mouth as great surprise you would be if i said my ear or my nose for some other orifice of my body right you wouldn't super surprising and that's because your brain is predicting and is predicting all the time here here's another example of predictions if you ever had a song bet is goes through your head and you cannot get that song out of your had no matter what you do set of our happened to you not very often but just because i'm not very musical but i know the idea you super many people this is something that happens and what's happening is that you know neurons in some part of your brain are changing the firing of the neurons in auditory cortex and you so you hear a song that isn't really dare.

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