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Today today on the show of got theresa but our era. She's the global chief. Marketing and communications officer publicists sapient and today on the program. We talk about her path. To becoming cmo at publicis sapient was tracked through technology and professional services companies like ibm accenture and deloitte prior to joining. Publicis we talk about her new internship program that she's launching and why she so excited about it as well as what. The role of a marketers leader is in driving diversity inside the organization and through diversity inclusion and we obviously talk on business transformation which is with publicis sapient as driving for many of their clients as well as an example that she uses for. Mcdonald's i hope you enjoy this conversation with teresa but era theresa welcome to the show. Thank you ellen. I'm very delighted to be here with you today. I'm excited to learn a quite a bit more about publicis sapient of before we get to the business side of the equation I hear that you. I believe grew up in portugal and immigrated to the us. The have that right. That's absolutely right. I grew up in northern part of portugal and immigrated to united states at about asia. Sixteen and a half. What brought you to the. Us so a couple one was family. I had a lot of family delivering united states matter of fact godfather before he married my grandmother. He had emigrated to the united states. Said that young age So i was out at a lot of relatives delivered here. And when i was years old my father passed away and my mother after couple years decided that that would probably be best for us to immigrate into reunite with her family law. A lot of their siblings all our siblings. Matter of fact they lived in united states. He was the only one that stayed behind with my grandmother. So that was one reason. The other reason was actually at the time. I had expiration to become a doctor and portugal back then really only had a couple of universities medical schools and it was very difficult to pursue a medical career so coming to america and going to university here for the first year or actually applying for me to verse in. Portugal was much simpler. Because i would apply as a foreign student in portugal at the time was leaving opportunities for children of emigrants to return to portugal. So our only have to take out language exam versus taking the standardize exam santer diversity so that will obviously would have been much easier for me so those two reasons combine aladdin's year. History will tell you that a letter back to portugal. And i never pursued. Medical career was gonna say you're now. The cmo publicists sapient. What was the path from. Dr aspirated into marketing. Very linear or frankly predetermined middle is i. I didn't grow up thinking. I was going to be a cmo or even working in marketing. And as i just said my aspirations with the have a career. Amin a doctor. When i was a kid my mother. She had a strong belief in education and she used to say to me. You have to go to school. Study really hard and when you get older you can either become a doctor. A lawyer and you can do either then. You should work in a bank so as planned on. I started university. I was a pre med major. But after taking organic chemistry my sophomore year. I decided this was going to be a good career choice for me. So after diversity ended up going to business school and really was there that i was introduced to marketing and i joined. Ibm read after business school and spend ten wonderful line exciting years at ibm working many parts of the business and travelling to different countries and regions. I was really fortunate to work in our aspect of marketing from product marketing brand industry alliance in solution marketing and frankly was the best learning ground for any young the end motivated in in person. And really that's how my career began and not leaving ibm after ten very successful years. Not because i was unhappy. Because i felt I should try something new to time. And i went was a software startup to build their brand defined in create new market space for the company. And while i was there i was then recruited by next colleague to join accenture and to be honest i was a bit hesitant to join a consulting service organization at that time because i believe marketing at accenture in all companies were stealing the journey to reach adulthood but the offer any opportunity was attractive. And i thought i would stay there for two three years and well. It turned out into thirteen years but it was a great experience. Accenture was a great place to put my marketing knowledge to practice but also learned leadership skills how to prioritize and mostly to to learn how to lead by influence and build high performance teams. I left expansion. I joined deloitte as the first chief. Marketing officer for delay consulting. It was a phenomenal Tenacity to rebuild the marketing function into a modern organization. That was really fit for purpose and growth. And then i left deloitte than i join a publicis sapien three years ago and lost the issues prop of been one of the most fun and impactful of had in my career into an amazing journey and would not worry about organic chemistry of her that weeds out. Everyone we're left medicine to take that. I think i went to like a tech school in the a lotta friends took organic chemistry in. That was definitely the weed out course in my university as amazing you starting. Ibm and then accenture. He spent quite a bit of years at both places. Just curious like you made the switch to services side. He said he thought at that point in time they were still developing themselves. And things like that and you. You've stayed in services since what. What is it about services. Do you think keeps you there. And service companies unlike product companies the way you market is different because have intangible product so content becomes king and queen so you have to understand first of all to detained the industries the you tend to mark available in the stand those issues and those industries and then the market would mortar. The content lead in issues space a marketing strategy versus a product based marketing strategy. And i do in some ways finally to. It's a sophisticated way of marketing in does require in some ways about better knowledge of those industries and those customers you tend to go after but there's a lot of things though i mean i think at the end of the day brought it marketing service. The elements are the basics. Are the same. So i joined accenture to bring the broader marketing concept that i learned early on. Ibm which are fundamental in some ways. That's what i really learn how to do. to marketing. join accenture was to really bring that sort of mindset into the marketing organization but when you combine both right take that sort of the product mindset had you think a value bring a product to market in bring it to a new service organization. Would you go to mark around the content and.

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