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Vampires are coming to Tulane University the school acquired the archives of bestselling author Anne rice who was born and raised in New Orleans writes his written thirty novels she moved to California for college and has spent much of her life since then in California but New Orleans has played a central role in much of her fiction interview with the vampire was her first novel when it was published in nineteen seventy six and it's set in the city's French Quarter the collection at two lane will consist of manuscripts of most of our published works some on published short stories journals screen plays personal artifacts and correspondence from family friends and fans of the author a cargo ship rocketed toward the international space station on Saturday carrying candy and the cheese to satisfy the astronauts cravings Northrop Grumman launched its sickness capsule from the Virginia sea shore the nearly four ton shipment should arrive at the orbiting lap Tuesday it took three tries over the past week to get the end Terry's rocket off the pad periodic supply runs by Russia Japan and announces to private shippers Northrop Grumman and SpaceX usually provide more than experiments equipment clothes and a freeze dried meals the capsules also bring family care packages as well as fresh food to offset the run of the mill station rob besides the usual experiments in gear this capsule was holding chatter fresh fruit and vegetables chocolate and three kinds of gummy candy expressly requested by the three station astronauts skittles hot tamales and Mike and I X. it's presidents day which means a shortened week that's light on economic reports stock and bond markets are closed for the holiday on Wednesday the governmental issue which report on producer prices which measures inflation pressures before they reach consumers also the federal reserve releases minutes from its January meeting walls real also get some updates on the health of the housing industry the government release date on housing starts on Wednesday and the national association of real towards a release January home sales data on Friday why are some three hundred forty Americans who were passengers on board a quarantine cruise ship in Japan are at military bases.

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