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A dog oh dog which means whenever i go somewhere i always have to carry around doggy bag carry on doggie bags for your pump whenever i have the dog with me yeah so you always have call them doggy bag don't don't confuse them with and it's not a doggy bag from the restaurant oh yeah yeah you don't want to know not but usually you hang them from your leash holder and they they're usually little plastic containment that comes with the bags and over the years the plastic containers have issues break they fall off i've and so i've gone on verse numerous times to print a dog poop bag holder and they've never worked really well until this one this is the doggie bags zip clip by a user's whose handle is dark prince pri and see that's handle but his name is franck front see kogler at a slovenia franchi frontier frontier i don't know how to pronounce it f r a nci at a slovenia and what what i really really like about this design and its thing number two eight eight eight six one eight it's a single piece and he uses an a zip tie that unlocks we do have those you can't you can't get them a little tab on the zip tie and the zip tie not only holds the holder against your leash it also acts as kind of the axle for the spoonful of bags to rotate around so it can't come off and it's easy to fix when zip tie breaks just put a new zip tie on this is a great design and so i think this is the way i'm gonna be walking around with my dog minute hold of these entered attached to your attractively yeah unroll said detracts attached to any any kind of sure but it would swing around if it was attached to another leash but but that's okay attract relationships like a magazine.

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