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Money and stay comfortable. You have a fantastic you do the same. Thank you for the time. And thanks for joining us here on at home with FOX six fifty. Come back tomorrow morning for Armstrong and Getty. Six till ten and heart radio station. Talk. Six fifty Rancho Cordova Sacramento. NBC News Radio. I'm John Jeffreys. President Trump is selecting general Mark milley as the next chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. Trump made it official in the morning tweet. Yesterday Miller is currently the army's chief of staff he will replace Marine Corps. General Joe Dunford who will be leaving the post has the president's top military adviser in two thousand nineteen the president also said chief of staff John Kelly will be leaving the White House. Trump made the announcement is he was departing yesterday for the army navy football game. The retired general has been chief of staff since twenty seventeen possible replacements are said to include vice President Mike Pence chief-of-staff Nick ears and White House budget chief, Nick Mulvaney, winter storms are causing travel delays across the nation. American Airlines announced Saturday night, it has cancelled eleven hundred flights for today because of the storms the airline announced may have to cancel flights on Monday as well. Most of the flights are those coming from or going to Charlotte, North Carolina governor ROY Cooper has declared a state of emergency. John Jeffreys NBC news. Radio a twenty two year old. Google software engineer is discovered dead at the company's New York City headquarters. Terry McCreadie reports say Scott crow sake was found unconscious on the sixth floor of the company's offices about nine pm Friday where he was pronounced dead at the seen. Cops say there were no signs of trauma, and the death does not appear to be suspicious. The medical examiner's office will determine the cause of death. Terry McCreevy NBC News Radio Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey is taking some heat for pushing me on Mars, a tourist destination amid accusations of genocide there Dorsey tweeted over the weekend that he had traveled to me in mar for a meditation retreat, the Twitter verse was quick to pile condemnation on Dorsey calling his tweets tone-deaf has thousands of members of the country's row. Hinge minority have reportedly been subjected to mass killings and raves. There's a chance. Tesla CEO Elon Musk will take over the factory space abandoned recently, by General Motors, de mutual has more in a sixty minutes interview that set the air tonight must tease the possibility of tesla. Expanding its footprint in the United States. Currently the company's assembly factory is in Fremont, California. During the interview the Silicon Valley billionaire stress that he's unfazed by GM's restructuring and new shift toward self driving electric vehicles must said he just wants the concept of electric vehicles to be successful, regardless of if they're Tesla's are not GM announced last month. It was closing five plants in Ohio Michigan Maryland in Canada. Mosk may be looking at some of those factories to move tesla into D mutual NBC. News Radio a Nashville. Walmart says kid rock paid off three hundred fifty layaway accounts at the store the musician said on Twitter that he was following the lead of director Tyler Perry who did the same to walmarts in.

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